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Helping virtual assistants change their lifestyles since 2015.

ON THE 19 JULY 2023


What is a Virtual Assistant or VA?

In Australia, a Virtual Assistant is a sole trader or a Company that provides solutions in business administration. They have an ABN number and may be registered for GST. Depending on the country you live in, the definition of a Virtual Assistant or VA may be different. So please check the relevant laws for your situation.

Virtual Assistants use their own technology, tools and resources and work from their office. They are responsible for their own tax, superannuation and insurances.

More often than not, those of you who want to be a Virtual Assistant has no idea of where to start, and that’s normal. The Virtual Assistant Project can help you find your way through all the confusion.


Do you know your ‘why’?

There are many reasons why someone may decide to become a Virtual Assistant. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t always work out for them. The reason for this is that they start out not knowing their ‘why’. They don’t know what it is that will propel them to succeed.

The Virtual Assistant Project is about helping those who know how to help themselves. You see, it wouldn’t matter how great tvap is or how good the material is; unless you know your ‘why’ it won’t give you the outcome you expect. So take some time, work out your why and then come back here, I’d love to be able to help you and together we can deliver on your expectations.

In the meantime though, get on my list, stay in touch until you’re ready, then tvap will be able to help you.

Why the Virtual Assistant Project?

I was a successful Executive Assistant working in the fashion industry, my husband had had two heart attacks and had been in poor health for many years. I was the main breadwinner and at the end of the month, my excellent corporate wage left us with nothing until the next pay. This was not a sustainable lifestyle.

The Virtual Assistant Project was started, I was my own guinea pig. I quit my job and started working from home. Granted, the first 6 months was a shock, my final pay from the corporate world was dwindling and I needed to make my business work. I went from bringing home 5k per month to $500 per month, the bills needed to be paid, which wouldn’t cut it. I refused to join job boards where you bid against others for work. JMJ – EA for a Day was a long term business so I needed to think strategically. I knew the bare minimum we needed each month to get by, to pay the rent and bills.

Fast forward to now, I’ve been in business for 11.5 years and gone from $500 per week to 6 figures a year. I am going to share with you in tvap exactly how I did that, warts and all. We went from paying rent to owning our own home on 1 acre of land and debt-free. Using the skills I learnt in being the first tvap member, I’ve gone on to help others do better and be better.

tvap is about helping you achieve your potential and changing your lifestyle.

tvap Resources

10 Questions is a fantastic resource to help you, especially if you get nervous or feel awkward when a potential client asks you questions like:

  • What will you bring to the table?
  • Do you think you’re the right fit for my business;?
  • How do you determine your priorities?

10 Questions is a free resource that will help you to navigate those awkward potential client meetings. I share what your potential client is looking for, and it’s not always what you would think and how I would answer their questions.

To grab your free copy, just hit the button and share your best email so I can get it to you quickly.

tvap is a limited-time program. Why limited? I feel that if there is no end date, there is no reason for you to push yourself, to be diligent and finish the program. There are a total of 10 modules released over 10 weeks.

  • 1 hour fortnightly recorded Zoom Q&A calls
  • Unlimited email access to me.
  • Lifetime access to all material
  • You will be able to pay in full or in 3 installments

tvap has been designed for quick and easy access and allows you to log in to your member area and work on your modules when it suits you for as long as it suits you.

I would recommend blocking time in your diary. Be selfish with it, you need to prioritise professional development. Discipline is a key to running a successful business.

Each of the modules has been written from experience.

There are 10 modules and each module contains exercises and quick reference checklists to reinforce and guide you through what you are learning.

You can revisit any module at any time in the program once it has been released.

Zoom has become a massive part of life over the past couple of years, and it will play a significant role in our program.

We will review the two previous modules every fortnight, and I’ll answer your questions in a live Zoom call. No bots, not fancy webinars, only Zoom.

The calls will be recorded and available for replay in the membership area.

Find out more about how you can get real old fashioned coaching, real connection and real support.

How to find even more information to help you

The web is full of information about being, working, how-to, or living life as a Virtual Assistant. So what makes my information a must-read? 30 + years of experience, over 64,000 hours of office administration and I still work with clients.

I have written over 150 blogs specifically for Virtual Assistants. They cover everything from getting your head in the right space, setting up your office, managing family and friends through to saying goodbye to bad clients and everything else in between.

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