This eBook is for any Virtual Assistant who gets nervous or stressed at the thought of meeting a prospective client for the first time.

If you doubt yourself when it comes to being confident and answering the questions they might ask, then you need to read 10 Questions.

if you have struggled with one, two or even three of these questions after reading this book you willnot struggle again. 

Anita Brammer, Anita.Virtual Assistant

This is a fantastic resource, and I would recommend it to anyone in the VA business. 

Sarah Cornforth, The Productivity Princess

Virtual assistants who know what they have to offer the world will interview less, sell more and serve more meaningfully. 

Lacey Ring-Verbik, Imagine Virtual Assistance

If you read Jacqui’s book and do what she suggests, it is easily your initial stepping stone to building your success.

Tammy Durden, Tammy's Office Solutions

This e-book will save you so much time, frustration and lost opportunities. It will help you to be prepared and to really understand your potential client so that you can walk into every potential client meeting with confidence, and ultimately secure more clients and help more people.

Dr Vesna Grubacevic, Qt


Who should grab a FREE copy of 10 Questions?

  • If you feel sick of fronting up to potential clients and being tongue-tied at when you respond to their questions?
  • Are you stressed out at the thought of meeting your potential client that you can’t think straight when they ask you a question?
  • You get ready for every eventuality and then crumble when put on the spot?

No matter how experienced you are with your business, one of the most uncomfortable positions we can put ourselves in is the first meeting with a potential client. 

It’s procrastination time. We um and ahh as the thought of meeting a potential client is filled with what-ifs: what if they ask me this or that; what if they don’t come on board; what if I don’t like them; what if they don’t like me; what if they don’t like my rate; what if … what if.  

This thought process spins us into overdrive; in overthinking everything, we try to remember what to say word for word, and then we crumble when we don’t remember. We fumble and don’t look at all like a professional.  

Our ultimate goal is for the meeting to go so smoothly that we take on a new client at the end. It’s lovely to dream. As a seasoned online business manager, I did and do my fair share of initial meetings, Zoom calls or phone calls, and they didn’t and don’t all go according to plan. Over the years, though, I figured out there is a very common theme with all prospective clients: often, they don’t know how to act or react, let alone how to work with a virtual assistant, so their questions tend to be a bit on the ‘lame’ side. Nevertheless, they do ask them, and they expect an answer.