There are 7 things you can do to sign your next Virtual Assistant Client.

According to Dr Vesna Grubacevic of Qt. “Knowing how to prepare for a meeting with a potential client is critical to your success in that first meeting. The questions and suggested responses to Jacqui’s most commonly asked client questions in this book are a goldmine for virtual assistants. Drawing on her wealth of experience, Jacqui generously shares these important insights with you so that every future client meeting you have is much more productive, focused and successful.” Said, Dr Vesna Grubacevic of Qt.

The big hairy thing in the corner

No matter how experienced you are with your business, one of the most uncomfortable positions we can put ourselves in is the first meeting with a potential client.

It’s procrastination time. We um and ahh as the thought of meeting a potential client is filled with what-ifs: what if they ask me this or that; what if they don’t come on board; what if I don’t like them; what if they don’t like me; what if they don’t want my rate; what if … what if.

This thought process spins us into overdrive; in overthinking everything, we try to remember what to say, word for word, and then we crumble when we don’t know how to respond to a particular question.

This thought process spins us into overdrive; in overthinking everything, we try to remember what to say word for word, and then we crumble when we don’t know. We fumble and don’t look at all like a professional.

Our ultimate goal is for the meeting to go so smoothly that we take on a new client at the end of it. It’s lovely to dream. As a seasoned online business manager, I did my fair share of initial meetings, Zoom calls or phone calls, and they didn’t and don’t all go according to plan. Over the years, though, I figured out there is a common theme with all prospective clients: often, they don’t know how to act or react, let alone how to work with a virtual assistant, so their questions tend to be a bit on the ‘lame’ side. Nevertheless, they do ask them, and they expect an answer.

7 Things You Can Do to Sign Your Next Virtual Assistant Client

I’ve spent over 35 years working with high-level executives and Thought Leaders, and I’ve learnt a thing or two. When it comes to meeting with potential clients, what they ask is like a double-edged sword; they ask one thing but mean another, and the answer they are looking for is more complex than you think.

Here are 7 things you can do

  1. If you have clients already, are they your dream virtual assistant clients? If not, You need to work on what type of person you want to work for.
  2. Research the stuffing out of their persona.
  3. Check out, other Virtual Assistants. What are they doing that is making them successful?
  4. Where does your dream client hang out; who do they network with?
  5. Check out their website; how is it written? What wording have they used?
  6. Do they have a podcast or YouTube channel, or are they doing reels? Listen to them; what do they sound like, how do they annunciate?
  7. Walk a mile in their shoes; if you want to work with coaches, find out how they like their businesses to run.

10 Questions

10 Questions every Virtual Assistant needs to know the answer to is an eBook I provide the 10 most common questions I’ve been asked over the years, what they really mean and how to answer them.

You can grab a copy of my eBook 10 Questions.

“I knew I was going to love it from the moment I first heard it was being written and it did not disappoint. The 10 questions inside are sure to help VA’s everywhere make an impact!” Lacey Ring-Verbik 

“This is a fantastic resource, and I would recommend it to anyone in the VA business.”Sarah Cornforth 

“I especially loved her saying:Your potential client is looking for you to make a point of difference, to take the lead, to be strong and decisive.Tammy Durden 

~Knowing what help your potential client needs means telling them how YOU can help their business.~

If you need more information to help you research and identify your target market, the Australian Government Business website has excellent information to help you identify your target market.