One of the biggest problems my clients had when they first came to me was, they were not making any headway in their businesses. They were so caught up in the ‘doing’ that they sacrificed their time with family, friends and themselves (yes, you time is important too) to keep the wheels of their dreams spinning. There lies the problem, the wheels were spinning, but they were not gaining any traction. They were making three very common mistakes that were severely impacting on their businesses.

  1. They were spending way too much time doing stuff they didn’t need to
  2. They were getting frustrated trying to do stuff they didn’t know how to do
  3. As a result of the first two bullet points, their productivity was down the tubes

Continuing to do these three things, I can guarantee, will do nothing but reduce your income to a trickle.

The solution is simple, you can head in the right direction by outsourcing your admin. Office admin, by far, is the largest chunk of ‘stuff’ you don’t need to be doing. Getting help from as little as 10 hours a month will solve the first two points and significantly help you with point 3.

6 Immediate Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is like taking the lid off the pressure cooker. The relief for your business is instant. Here are other ways that you will benefit from working with a virtual assistant.

  1. You will spend time working strategically on your business
  2. You can put your personal development on steroids
  3. You can spend more time with your family and friends doing life
  4. You can work on reducing your stress levels
  5. You will see an improvement in your productivity
  6. You will have a renewed focus to drive your business

JMJ – EA for a Day is an expert at taking what you’re spending hours ‘doing’, and making it all happen in a much shorter time.  Ready to get your life back?

I’d love your thoughts on what other issues business owners face that impact on their productivity. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.