When it comes to video conferencing software, there are dozens to choose from, some are expensive and others are completely free (and all do pretty much the same job either just as well as or better than their paid counterparts). What I intend to do with this update is to provide you with a quick overview and a few links to some of the best (basically) free ones I’ve found.

Google+ Hangouts

Requiring only a free Google+ account, the Google+ hangout is a free space for small video conferences or calls and can link directly back to your YouTube channel for recording. Limited to 10 people per conference call, this may be a good choice for smaller meetings. Hangouts work very well on all devices because it is web based. Everyone knows how to Google by now right?

Key feature set:

  • Up to 10 people per session
  • YouTube live streaming and recording
  • Great compatibility
  • Send photos and emoji’s


Skype has been around as a free tool for internet calls for over a decade, a simple to use, and is an important staple in the VA toolset. This software often used purely for 1-1 calls can be used to host an online conference with video sharing for a much larger group of people. Believe it or not, not everyone uses Skype or even understands what the service is.

Key feature set

  • Group video calls (up to 250 people with Skype business)
  • Contact sharing
  • Group screen sharing
  • Up to 25 people per session
  • File sharing
  • Easy to use


Anymeeting is an interesting choice and is only free up to a certain point. You might find Anymeeting to be useful for a small business as there’s a cap on clients you can connect to for free, and is supported by ads. If you can overlook this,  it’s a small, charming and fairly straightforward system to get into.

Key feature set:

  • Mobile phone friendly
  • Up to 6-way video conferencing
  • Custom meeting branding
  • Personalised meeting URL
  • Powerpoint slide integration
  • Facebook and Twitter integration

If you aren’t already using these services try one out and see if you like it, If you have any other suggestions or can think of an even better free service please leave a comment in the comment section below.