Now that you’ve got your coaching business up and running is there something missing from your website?

Listed below are 4 examples of amazing CTAs and how they effectively drive people to sign up for their service and make it easy to do so.


On the Netflix landing page, they’ve got a simple but effective setup which includes a CTA. The “Join Free For A Month” button is prominent on the page as you load it up and including the heading “Watch anywhere, cancel anytime” is a fantastic way to help potential consumers jump over that hurdle of fear that they may not like it and have a hard time cancelling the service.


This landing page is fantastic. While the initial design is appealing the real piece of art is the CTA, the main web page tagline is significant and effective in the message, but it’s the little button down the bottom that says “DO NOT PRESS” that catches the eye.

And what do you want to do when you see a button like that? Press it of course! This piece of reverse psychology works amazingly well and launches the user deeper into Huemor’s services.

Huemor has done a good job at thinking outside the square to get their CTA to be interactive and very effective.


More often than not you’ll see a CTA with the line ‘Start Your Free Trial Today’ or something similar, which can be effective, however, there are better ways to do this. Treehouse words things a little differently and it could make all the difference to the visitor.

The key difference is they offer the visitor to ‘Claim Your Free Trial.’

This gives the visitor the impression that the trial is there for the taking and not claiming it would be a missed opportunity. The word claim suggests the offer might not be there for long so creates a sense of urgency.


While not overly impressive at first glance, the landing page at OKCupid has a genius in simplicity. A few simple drop boxes to get some information from the user and then the green continue button against the blue background makes it stand out.

Offering the user, the option to continue rather than something like sign up here and now gives the user the urge to move forward and engage in the next step in the process.

Interesting Ideas Need Implementation

Now that you’ve had a quick look at these amazing CTAs it’s time to take a look at your website and consider how your CTA is working for your clients. If you need help coming up with and implementing your new CTA ideas, we should have a chat.