Just launched your business and didn’t know where to get clients?

This question has to be up there as one of the most frequently asked, sought-after questions for virtual assistants just starting out. The ironic thing is that if you research being a virtual assistant first, then you wouldn’t ask that question. Often this question is every second post on social media platforms with virtual assistants hoping to get an inside scoop, the secret sauce, the easy path to quick and instant income. Technically they are researching, but really…

I have found 5 proven ways to find virtual assistant clients who you’ll love, and there is no job board in sight. It comes down to you doing the hard yards; it takes work. If you need help with getting your business moving, you can access Module 1 for free.

  1. Website – Create a website; don’t use a Facebook page or other social media platform as a stand-alone advertisement for your business. It looks cheap. So do Wix websites, built in haste and not formatted.
  2. Linkedin – Whether you want to work and focus on B2C or B2B, your Linkedin profile must be complete. With a professional photo of you, not your logo (that’s fine for your company page). Join groups and connect with your target market.
  3. Network – If you have an area that is specific to the work you want to do, get out there and network with your target market. Join groups that they hang out in. Get involved, use your voice and get noticed.
  4. Branding – Use branding that will attract your target market. Like attracts like — be the magnet. Check out the websites of your target market, what colours they have used, font and style and how they portray their business.
  5. Be consistent – In everything that you do. Being consistent shows reliability, and reliability shows stability, and that is what Virtual Assistant clients look for.

This is what I do; granted, I’ve sacked some in my time because things didn’t work out for either of us, but that is another blog post for down the track. You can do much more to find virtual assistant clients for your business. You need to work at it.

If you want to build your business and take it to the next level, then visit The Virtual Assistant Project and see the change in your business and your lifestyle. If you’d like to chat about it all first, then book a coaching session.