I use Linkedin because I believe it is the superior network for business people, professionals we like to call ourselves. We don’t always act professionally though.  One would assume if you have a Linkedin account, you created it to find and expand on your current business network.  It may even be a place where you get a lot of business. According to DMR’s February article, there are 277m Linkedin Users. That is a lot of potential clients, customers, and business associates.

Your profile

Riddle me this : If you are on Linkedin, and your expectation is to join or create networks for your business. Why wouldn’t you have a completed profile?

Linkedin is not like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. The general expectation of the majority of users is that you are a professional either in the corporate world or in business. You are not there to have regular chats with friends and family.

No picture, no profile, NO!

First things first, if you don’t have a profile picture, don’t contact me, I’m not interested.  If there is a possibility of us doing business at some stage, I want to know you.

I read so many comments about why some people choose not to put a profile pic. Here is just a few:

  1. I’m afraid someone will steal my identity
  2. I take a bad photo
  3. I don’t have any professional photos
  4. I don’t want people to find me

What … really … get outta here. If you can’t identify yourself on a professional business networking site, don’t be on it. Doing business should always be about transparency. Or at least that is how I conduct business.

No contact details

This one I always find perplexing. If you run a business, why would you not reveal your business details.  Your phone, web address or email. If I can’t find out more about you, I am not interested in knowing you.  If you have a product that I am interested in, if I have to work to find out more about you, I’m not going to.  I don’t have the time.

Link back to website

Linkedin has provided every user with the opportunity to link back to their website, blog, SlideShare or YouTube etc. I love this feature.  It gives you, as a business, the chance to showcase your latest offer. If you have a website, you want to drive people there.

You want to be able to give every person that visits your profile, the opportunity to find out more about your business.

Join a group – be active

My thoughts on Linkedin groups is simply, if you take the time to join a group then you must be at the very least interested in the group for what ever reason. It may be because you are conducting research, want to network more, or simply have a forum to bounce ideas off. What ever the reason you join up with a group, the expectation is that you are active within the group.

Now, I’m not talking everyday pop in and do the rounds of the 50 odd groups (seriously?) that you are a member of and write something in each and every one of them. I am simply saying if you join a group you want to make it count.

Top Five Takeouts: How to make your business transparent in Linkedin.
  1. Have a complete profile including picture.
  2. Keep your contact details updated any links to your websites or other social media should all work.
  3. Show off your business, brag about it, put in your accomplishments, awards and publications.  What organisations and / or associations you belong to.
  4. Don’t just set and forget. You can’t network if you aren’t active. Check in at least once a week. Schedule the time in your diary.
  5. Share great information about your business. I want to know why you think an article is interesting.  Take 30 seconds to write a sentence to support what you are posting.

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What are your thoughts on Linkedin, please leave a comment below.