There are 5 Simple Things You Can Do To Wow, Your Virtual Assistant Clients.

When I commenced JMJ – EA for a Day, I learned that I needed to know what they didn’t know to be one step ahead of my clients. I needed to invest in myself. I don’t mean getting a coach or mentor that came later; I mean learning new technology and tools I wanted for my business. How these tools would better serve my clients and increase the offers, I could make to increase my income.

We all want to be known for knowing something; it’s human nature. I want my clients to sing my praises to their colleagues. I do not want to be their best-kept secret. Word of mouth means you’re almost a shoo-in; you just need to know the stuff they don’t know. I’ve found that there are 5 simple things I can do to wow my clients every day.

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Wow Your Virtual Assistant Clients

  1. Provide value – be the best that you can be by helping them with whatever it is they contracted you for
  2. Be consistent – consistency is vital; you show up when you say you will, and you do what you say you will
  3. Consult up – use your expertise to help them with their business; everyone loves a better way of doing things
  4. Go the extra mile – like saying thank you; it doesn’t hurt to go that extra mile; it shows you’re committed to their business, not just yours.
  5. Say no – this can be a hard one for a virtual assistant to put into practice, but saying no and protecting your boundaries is vital to not only the longevity of your business but your mental health and welfare.

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