Social proof is a fantastic marketing tool for any business. It is the idea, which consumers will be more likely to buy or use a product because of what other people are already doing.

You can break down social proof into multiple sub-categories, but for now, we’ll just focus on 5 tips that any coach or thought leader can implement on how to use social proof to enhance their marketing and get their services out there.

1. Testimonials

The best form of advertising for any business is the positive reviews from your customers. Prospective clients will be more likely to respond to real testimonials on your website than a banner ad or your traditional advertising material.

Ideally, you can use your traditional promotional material to get your potential clients to your testimonials, once there, your testimonials can be used to lock in their trust for your products and services.

Note that a testimonial with a picture attached will perform better than just a block of text and even ten times better than with a block of text without a name.

2. Word Of Mouth

Encouraging your clients to tell their friends, family and associates, about you and your business is an excellent and effective way to get your services out there. According to a Nielson study of 58 countries, 84% of respondents said they trust reviews from their friends and family over online advertising.

You can encourage them by doing what you do best, being the SME. That’s why they work with you.

3. Celebrity Endorsements

If you can get them, take them! Well known industry experts and celebrities are often very effective at promoting your brand to your potential clients, lots of them follow their celebrities online through their social media accounts and online presence so any chance you have at connecting your service to their fan base is a potential way to gain more clients.

If you have a celebrity client, it’s worth asking for their testimonial as their word can carry a lot of weight. Don’t be put off by the fact that they are a celebrity; an unasked question will always go unanswered.

4. FOMO Marketing

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is an effective way to fill seats, providing that sense of urgency in all of your advertising material can exert some pressure on your clients to get in before it’s too late. FOMO is one of the oldest advertising methods in the book, but it’s still very relevant and can work extremely well.

5. Relationship Building

One incredibly pervasive and effective social proof strategy is the use of client logos to prove positive adoption. If you’re providing a service to other businesses and you have a good working relationship make sure you seek their permission in putting their logo and company name on your served clients list.

Providing your business with legitimacy will assist potential clients in building trust in you, as they find that other businesses and companies have confidence in you also.

What are you doing about social proof? Please leave a comment below.