When you have a client who goes quiet, there is usually one thing we do, and that is move on. We don’t do the investigation as to why, because we fear the rejection. However, there could be one of a hundred reasons why they have pulled back. So, don’t assume it is anything to do with you.  (As someone once said to me, ‘Not everything is about you’.)

Why the big hush?

Sometimes client silence could be because they feel out of control (feeling overwhelmed), a family emergency (emotional) or something totally unexpected (fear of the unknown) that has taken their attention and looks like derailing all their hard work and stopping them from coming to you for help. Or they simply have other things on their mind like their next holiday so they have already checked out mentally.

Busy people will often let emails and reminders slip as they become preoccupied with more important things. After all, it is easier to delete an email than ignore what is going on around you. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that your client could also be suffering from decision paralysis. They are just so overwhelmed with what is happening in their day-to-day that they can’t make a decision. It happens to everyone from time to time when we have too much on our plates.

These next steps can help you to re-engage with a client.

7 Ideas For Helping A Client Re-engage

These 7 points will give you some helpful strategies to help get your client back on track. Simply talk to your client and remind them about:

  1. The benefits of continuing their program with you.
  2. Why they are undertaking the program in the first place.
  3. How much they have and can achieve.
  4. The wins they have made and that are to come.
  5. The outcomes that they want to achieve.
  6. What happens when they don’t give their all.
  7. What they lose if they don’t complete their program with you.

No one likes to come last, or not even finish the race. Whatever your client has hired you to do, they’ve done it for a reason and when other stuff gets in the way, it’s easy for them to forget what they are.

You can maintain communication with your clients regularly by contracting JMJ – EA for a Day to manage the process for you, keeping your clients engaged, and making them feel relevant to you and your business.

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