When I first started JMJ – EA for a Day, I made a huge mistake, but I didn’t realise it was a mistake until I became so overwhelmed then I realised I brought my employee mindset to my business.


The client is not the boss. It took me a while to work that one out.

You are the boss. It’s your business, your time, your rules.

Check out my short video here. 0r you can click on the image below to find out what my personal learnings were.

My employee mindset was the one that said yes to everything because I had been paid to say yes, paid to do what the boss said when the boss told me to do it.

7 Things you can do to change your employee mindset to a boss mindset

Changing an employee’s mindset to a boss’s mindset requires you to take a deliberate and intentional approach. These 10 steps will give you some strategies around that to help you.

1. Clearly define expectations: Ask yourself, what are your expectations for your business? Are you clear on how you want to run it? If you’re not, you need to get clear on a framework. What needs to happen for you to start thinking like the boss of your business

2. Undertake coaching: Do you need to undertake professional development? Aligning yourself with a coach or mentor can be helpful here too. I’ve found that you need great communication, decision-making, problem-solving, delegation, and strategic thinking.

3. Take ownership: Take ownership and be accountable for all that you do, even when stuff goes wrong. What you do here can impact your decision-making and your business as a whole.

4. Foster a growth mindset: Be encouraged to embrace the challenges that come your way, learn from failures, and seek continuous improvement. You should see setbacks and obstacles as opportunities for your business growth and development.

6. Use critical thinking and problem-solving: Think critically to develop problem-solving skills. Not everyone who is a boss is a natural at problem-solving or analyzing situations. Learning to consider different perspectives will help you make informed decisions.

7. Celebrate the wins: Recognise and celebrate the achievements and growth that you attain with your mindset shift. Reward and recognition should be a large part of your goal structure. Just because you are the boss of your business doesn’t mean you should not motivate yourself.

Remember that changing a mindset takes time and effort. Be patient; be kind to yourself. Treat yourself as your client and create a culture that values continuous learning and personal development for yourself. This will also be super helpful if you have a team or you’re planning on expanding.