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Join Virtual Assistants from around the world who are using tvap to create a business that will change their lifestyle. Find out how to fix your nets so clients don’t fall through the cracks. Learn from Jacqui James who has over 65,000 hours of admin experience, 35+ years in business administration and 12+ years running her own successful business.

  • Virtual Assistants who are committed do driving change for themselves and their business.
  • Virtual Assistants who are prepared for the long journey! Success takes time not weeks!
  • Virtual Assistants who what to leave a legacy! To make the lives of others better; those Virtual Assistants who want to make a difference.

Your very own Virtual Assistant coach in a box!

How amazing would it be to have the inside information on how to fix your Virtual Assistant business or start one from scratch by someone who went from $500 per month to over 10k per month? What is it worth to you to have these resources at your fingertips?

Fix your nets!

It’s easier than you think when you have the right tools and information! | Create a business that can change your lifestyle. | Learn what clients to accept and who not too | Develop the skills and knowledge needed to take your VA business from so so to 10k plus a month.

My knowledge has grown tremendously in all areas of life, including admin and office knowledge, my confidence as a young woman and creating a wealth of independence. Jacqui challenges me with new tasks and pushes me to venture out of my comfort zone. The support she provides me is beyond measure, and I have been able to utilise my basic knowledge in admin and grow with her help. I have the confidence to speak up and give advice to clients and will continue to do so as my knowledge and expertise grow. Something I never thought would be possible.


I began my VA business and struggled until I started mentoring with Jacqui from JMJ – EA for a Day. Since then my client base has quadrupled and my income has increased by 200%. Jacqui’s experience as both a high-level executive EA and a successful business owner has been instrumental in growing my business. Her system works!! I have the confidence, knowledge and ability to drive my business forward.


I would recommend Jacqui’s course to anyone; even her one on ones is the best!

Throughout the course, you are given so much information and a lot you may not even think of.

Thank you, Jacqui; you’re amazing!


Jacqui is an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve learnt so much from Jacqui and I find her method and manner of teaching inspirational and one of a kind. Not only does the course provide so much knowledge, insight, and much needed help with starting and building a VA business, Jacqui is there with you throughout. Jacqui helps to build your confidence, listens to your ideas, and offers additional input as well as sharing her own experiences that truly help you to work out your best steps forward.

Before I came across Jacqui James and TVAP, my confidence was low, I was struggling to put myself out there and I was a bit lost on what to do. With Jacqui’s unwavering support, I have implemented much needed processes and strategies and my business has strengthened.

I now have so much more confidence in my abilities and my business, and I’m able to put myself out there. My business has really started to flourish and I’m loving being a virtual assistant.



Take all the time you need as you work through this self-paced program. Modules are released weekly with the relevant support documents, templates or checklists. Why dripfed? Because even if you’ve been in business for a little while you need help and starting back at the beginning is a great idea to cover off stuff you may have missed.


tvap has been designed for quick and easy access and allows you to log in to your member area and work on your modules when it suits you for as long as it suits you. Discipline is the key to running a successful business. I would recommend blocking time in your diary. Be selfish with it; you need to prioritise professional development.

Q&A Calls

Zoom has become a massive part of life over the past couple of years, and it will play a significant role in our program. Each fortnight we will have an hourly Q&A Call. In this call, we will cover a specific topic and then you get to pick my brain. Pure gold!

Bonus Materials

Not only do you get 10 amazing modules but…

You’ll also receive templates, checklists, planning and support documents. All you’ll need to take your Virtual Assistant business to the next level and begin changing your lifestyle.

Jacqui James has…

35+ years in business administration, over 65,000 hours of experience and 12+years running her own Virtual Assistant business. Going from VA, to OBM to multi business owner and employer. Jacqui is the perfect coach because she is still working with clients, so she has the inside scoop on what they want and when they want it. This way you get current and up to date techniques that will help you change your lifestyle.