Olympic athletes have inspiring stories and one thing olympians have in common is they have picked a niche and worked hard to be the best in their event. According to Forbes, olympians set yearly goals and map out intensive training schedules to meet those goals. Olympic athletes usually spend up to seven days a week, several times a day perfecting their skills.

As small business owners we can use olympic athletes as examples for how to perfect our niche. Set goals and train so that you can be an expert in your field.

Win clients with your expertise

One of the easiest ways to sell your services to potential clients is to demonstrate yourself as confident and knowledgeable about your field. When you are trying to offer too many services your know how can become limited. Improve your business by sticking to what you do best and work at becoming the best professional working in your niche area.

Beef up your knowledge by reading articles, researching blog posts, attending conferences and asking questions. Choose your area of expertise and stay with it. Professionals want to do business with the best people in their field. Being the best takes work and continued training.

Take advantage of social media

You can use social media to your advantage when you have a specific niche. It is easier to find people on various platforms talking about your niche area. When you have found the right conversations ask and answer questions, write intelligent comments on blog posts, and pass on links to informative articles.

You should also create your own content. Market yourself in your various communities as an expert in your niche area. It is difficult to communicate your expertise when your reach is too broad. Narrow it down to a few niche items and pursue marketing those. Crafting meaningful blog posts, offering e-books or sending newsletters are just a few ways to share your expertise with a community. Make sure all of your content is shareable so that your community can pass along your expertise and extend your circle of influence.

Growth comes with focus

When you are focused on your niche area and just doing a few tasks really well for your clients, your expertise in those fields will naturally continue to grow. Stimulate your growth by avoiding overcommitment. Steer clear of the temptation to add more variety to your plate. Instead, if you want to be challenged, figure out how to perform your niche services even better. Spend time perfecting your art rather than chasing after new talents.

Once again the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ rings true. Trying to do everything will keep you from doing anything well. Take a cue from successful olympians, find your focus area and train to be the best. Expertise will naturally attract great clients and help your small business grow.

Top 5 Takeouts: Be the Best

  1. It is easier to be an expert in a single niche area than in multiple, loosely related areas.
  2. Just like olympians, you need to set goals and train in your field.
  3. Social media makes it easy to market your expertise.
  4. Expertise in a single area helps give clients confidence that they are working with the best.
  5. Your business will naturally grow when you are an expert in your field.

Join the conversation by leaving a comment. How do you demonstrate your expertise? How do you need to train to become the best in your niche?