Start-up costs are just one of the many things you need to consider when starting a business. Anything that you purchase in helping you set up a business is should be considered in your start up costs. There are two specific areas to your start up costs. What you spend in helping you start up, and the major ongoing costs you need to incur.

TIP: Always seek professional advice when it comes to legal and financial requirements for your business.

What you need to consider when calculating your start-up costs


Anything to do with your business identity goes under this banner.  This will include things like: logo, web design, marketing, advertising costs, internet hosting, internet connection, domain name registration, business cards, anything that you use to advertise or market yourself or your business.


Include any permits, your ABN, business registration, insurances, professional indemnification, legal preparation, your accountant and bookkeeper. Anything that you need to put in place that legalises your business.


There can be hidden dangers with subscriptions. Besides organisational memberships, there are many apps that we use in the course of doing business and some of those we pay for. It’s so easy to sign up for re-occurring subs and let them tick over even when you’re no longer using them. Keep an eye on these and cancel any that you no longer use. Those $10 a month subs soon add up to a lot of money down the drain if you don’t take action.


More often than not, when you start your working from home business, you will already have the basics, an internet connection, computer, device, mobile phone. But what else do you need? Your own office space, so a desk or table chair, shelving, bookcase, printer. Don’t forget the stationery. If you’re a stationery collector like me, you will want to make sure this is also accounted for in your ongoing expenses (see monthly expenses).


If you’re working from home as a virtual assistant, the vast majority of what you need can be purchased online and many are free. If your start-up is graphic or web design, then you need specific programs that cost more than a monthly subscription. In some cases, the software needed can be hundreds of dollars. So it’s important that you include software in your start up cost.

Monthly expenses

Each month you will have ongoing expenses that you need to include in your start up costs. If you’ve taken out a loan for your business, this is a perfect place to start. Otherwise, you have utilities, a mobile or landline, power, insurances (see compliance).

Personal development

Personal development will help improve your focus and efficacy, if you want to be the SME in what you do, you need to be continually learning and improving. According to Jim Rohn, “To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are.” So as you invest in your business, also invest in yourself.

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