These 3 steps will show you how getting the right kind of help for your business can save your bacon.

Over the years, I’ve had many requests for help. Often, the requests come from entrepreneurs and business people who’ve been told, “find a VA, they work for next to nothing,” (I’m serious).

1. Warning – My Rates Are My Rates

For some, the conversation goes well until they ask the question. How much?

I’m so use to it now, but for some potential clients, their surprise at the fact I charge more than $10 an hour genuinely surprises them:

    • Wow, that’s too expensive for me
    • I can get cheaper overseas
    • I didn’t want to pay more than $10 an hour
    • Can you do test hours for free or give me a cut rate
    • I want you to take care of everything but I can’t afford much

If my hourly rate is less than you charge an hour, you can afford my help“.

These responses don’t shock me, in fact, I pretty much tell from the conversation, that they will be surprised when I tell them my rates. What they don’t realise at the time is how I can save their bacon in more ways than one.

2. 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

So when doubts of not being able to afford help creeps in, here are some things you need to consider before you ‘dis’ the cost of help, whether it is mine or any other Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant!

  • What’s the price of you being burnt out?
  • Is your time worth more than you would pay for someone to help you?
  • Are you running your business or is it running you?
  • When was the last time you spent time with family and friends?

3. Don’t Try and Replace You

“One mistake some people make is to think they need to replace themselves.”

No, you don’t. You simply need someone part-time, here’s how to work it out.

  • list all of the things that you hate doing
  • list all of the things you struggle with or can’t do
  • list all the things you feel that you shouldn’t be doing
  • list all of the things you need to do on a daily basis
  • list all of the jobs that you have no passion for

I imagine you would be able to create a pretty big list. Now that you have done this; send your list to me and I will (free of charge) tell you what type of help you need. Then you make the decision how much is saving your bacon worth to you?