Sharing of knowledge and best practices through regular strategy sessions can help you stay focused, adaptive and responsive in your business.


Hello and welcome…

I’m Jacqui James, and I’m going to help you create an impact with your virtual assistant business.

Stop putting yourself second!!

As virtual assistants we often think of ourselves last.

Why do we do that? The mindset that our clients have do that. Keeping an employee mindset does that.

Here’s the truth!

  • Think like a boss

  • Act like a boss

  • Build connections

  • Nurture your mind

  • Create strategies

  • Put yourself first

  • Lead with intent

  • Get uncomfortable

  • Value your time

  • Take responsibility

Warning!! – Building a Virtual Assistant business is not for the faint hearted

Myth: You can’t set up and run a ‘successful’ virtual assistant business in a week!

Truth: You can build a foundation to set up and run a ‘successful’ virtual assistant business in a week!

Successful businesses don’t happen without a solid foundation. You need to develop your idea, build your foundation, monitor it and change it up regularly. This is why some virtual assistant businesses get stuck; the foundation for longevity isn’t there. Everything is too fluid, and we know what happens to a house when it’s built on unstable ground. It moves and cracks. The same happens to your business.

The Virtual Assistant Project strategy calls to help you with building your foundation. In fact, Module 1, Build a Solid Foundation – How to set yourself up for the Win, walks you through this whole process.

You will maintain momentum and network with others who are going through the same as you. It’s amazing what can happen to a business when a heap of like-minded individuals get together for one purpose.

How to get the momentum you need in your virtual assistant business

There are only four steps you need to take to get your questions answered, achieve your goals, impact your virtual assistant business, and build momentum in your pursuit of a new lifestyle.