Recently, Anita.VirtualAssistant and I attended a Business Conference in Melbourne, and the topic of the day was Digital Disruption. It wasn’t what we thought it would be. We found ourselves listening intently to two incredibly energetic and passionate speakers Chris Riddell, Futurist, Commentator, Speaker and Pete Williams Chief Edge Officer for Deloitte Centre for the Edge AU.

What we took away from this conference is what I’ve been banging on about for ages. That is, be the SME for your business. Stay on trend, know what’s happening, stay ahead of your competition. Digital disruption comes not from switching the internet off, but by failing to see a change in direction for your business. It’s about not embracing change, not diversifying, not establishing relationships with or listening to your clients and customers. It’s about missing the boat and getting left behind.

Digital disruption is what happens to your business when you fail to be relational when you fail to change direction when you fail to listen and when you fail to stand out from the crowd. You need to ensure that you are doing something that gives you a point of difference. Because if you don’t, someone is going to come along, recognise the gap that you are not filling and disrupt your digital environment.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd by being the best that you can be, know all that you can know, spend time working on your business. Listen for what’s missing and keep giving your clients what they need to stay with you and rave about you.

Question: What are your thoughts on digital disruption? Please leave a comment below.