We all have to start somewhere, and for some of us, it’s easier than for others. It can be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, if you do these 3 things you can get more clients.

1. Be the expert

You will find it easier to find and talk with prospective clients if you know:

  • who you are
  • what your expertise is
  • who your target market is

You know yourself when you talk to someone and you get a sense they have no idea what they’re talking about. You zone out, switch off. A prospective client will do exactly the same thing. By knowing who you are, what your expertise is and knowing the market you’re targeting, you will come across as super confident. This will give your prospective client absolute confidence in you and your abilities.

2. Networking

There are benefits you will get from networking both online and offline:

  • You build relationships
  • You’re looking for clients
  • You’re seeking referrals
  • You want to learn

You no longer need to be face to face in the same room. You can use social media, online forums to name a couple. But if you do prefer face to face. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce, or your local Council. These often have networking events on specific topics. See if there are topics relevant to your target market and if so, get yourself on the registration list. Make sure you have heaps of business cards on hand, you’re going to need them.

3. Linkedin

This is one of the most important business platforms to have a profile on. Make sure you have the following in place, as it all begins with the information you have on your profile:

  • Your profile is in the first-person (third-person is if you’re looking for employment)
  • Find groups relevant to your target market and join them
  • Stand out by engaging in the groups with meaningful content
  • Show your expertise with How-to posts
  • Never send an invitation to connect without personalising it

These three tips work for me. My client’s find me via referral, word of mouth and Linkedin. So who are my client’s? They come from a variety of backgrounds. International speakers; thought leaders, mentors, authors, business coaches, local small businesses owners, doctors, entrepreneurs, both here in Australia and internationally. So what do I specialise in? Troubleshooting, Kindle publishing, lead generation and project management.

Your next steps

Once you find your potential client you’re going to need to meet with them, either personally or online. Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of my 10 Questions Every Virtual Assistant Should Know the Answer to, to help you prepare.

I’d love for you to leave a question in the comments section below. Let me know what’s working for you.