Even Virtual Assistants need help when their business gets busy. Seeking help can be hard to do. Firstly we (yes we) have ‘letting go’ issues; no one can do it as good as you; we may feel that by asking for help we are in some way weak or unable to cope. Not true, by asking for help we are being super smart, we are working on our business, not in it. So when you need that help do you stay onshore or go offshore?

Even Virtual Assistants need help

You do what is best for your business.

If you’re not sure where to start, use your online communities. Ask around; who do you know that specialises in what you need doing? Put out some feelers, visit their website and view samples of their work. Do not ask them for a resume you are not hiring an employee but contracting to a business SME. You want to see testimonials because you want to know if they have done a good job for others, that’s perfectly normal. If you can’t see any examples of their work online. Send them an email or a private message, and ask for them.

Just remember, trying to do everything yourself is great, but you also need to be working on your business, not just in it.

I have utilised and still do VA’s in the USA and Australia. It depends entirely on the job I need doing; so who do I call on when I need help?

Meet those who help me

Who do I like to work with, these great people below that’s who. I’m super busy managing The VA Project, JMJ – EA for a Day and my own clients, I don’t do websites, I’m not an authority on USA travel and I am not a graphic designer and I certainly don’t have time to learn the video aspect. It’s not anything I want to offer my clients. So it makes perfect sense to me to contract work out to SME’s. To those who have made their speciality their niche.  Click on their business names to visit their sites to find out more about them. Note, clicking on an external link will open another page.

Anita.Virtual Assistant

Anita specialises in social media, eNewsletters and keeping me on track as part of her own business, and she also takes care of social media for The VA Project. Anita has been the cog behind the wheel of JMJ – EA for a Day for almost 3 years now. I’m so glad that even with Anita’s growing national and international client base she still finds time to manage certain tasks for me.

Lindy Barker Web Design

Lindy is my web designer, and an extremely busy and talented designer at that, and she also creates the websites for The VA Project. Lindy has been working with me since I started JMJ – EA for a Day four years ago. Always busy providing great service to her clients. If you’re looking for a new website you can’t go past Lindy and her offer.

Imagine Virtual Assistant

As Lacey lives in the USA, she is the first one I go to when I need specific research and information for clients’ who are travelling there. Lacey’s expertise in the travel industry saves me an incredible amount of time. Lacey runs her own very successful VA business and I’m grateful that she is able to find time in her busy day to take care of my clients.

Techie Muse

I go to Kary for graphics work who also lives in the USA. Kary is responsible for the modules and graphics work for The VA Project. I myself had created the eBook covers, and Kary turned them into the great looking books you see online. Kary also specialises in video and as Video is about to hit The VA Project in a big way, she is taking care of that for me too.

What would it take for you to seek help for your VA business? I’d love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment below.