Where would Coca Cola be without branding!

The term brand is something that has evolved over time. The word used to simply refer to a product such as Coke or Vegemite. Now the word brand refers to something much broader.

While there are many definitions for the term brand, an article from Forbes explains it simply. Jerry McLaughlin writing for Forbes states he uses the word brand to “refer to the perception customers have about that product or service.”

When you take control of your brand you shape potential client’s perceptions about your product or service. Everything including the colours you choose, logos you display, and slogans your project says something about your business. You need to be intentional about making your marketing project the image you want.

Emotional connection

When you don’t have a unified approach to your marketing, you miss the opportunity to project your desired image to potential clients. Clients like to connect emotionally with the products or services they are spending money on. A brand allows you do to that. You can use your brand to make your clients feel safe, secure, energised, attractive, relaxed, professional, casual, refreshed, or deserving. There are infinitely more feelings you can evoke with your brand. The brand you craft needs to stir up emotions that fit with your product. A bank should make you feel safe, while a spa should make you feel relaxed.


A brand also projects stability. Clients know that they are getting the same desired product or service every time they purchase something with your business’ brand on it. People choose brands because they know exactly what they are getting. People know what Coke tastes like and they make their purchase according to the flavour that will be the same in every can. Associate your brand with a positive way of doing business, a quality product or excellent customer service and people will return to your business again and again.


When you don’t have a uniform brand potential clients will not make an emotional connection with your product; they will also be less likely to recognise your business. An article from SmallBizTrends points out that branding creates both customer loyalty and awareness about your business. Your brand makes you stand out. Ultimately not having a brand will hurt your sales.

Getting started

SmallBizTrends suggests that one quick way to get started branding your business is determining the one thing that sets you apart from similar businesses. Are you fast, high quality, offer weekend service, or unique items? Whatever your offer, find that one thing and determine how you can convey that to potential clients through your brand.

Not an expensive campaign

Branding may sound intimidating, but it does not have to be some expensive marketing campaign. It simply means being consistent in reflecting the image you want current and potential clients to have of your business. You may need to do some work to revise your marketing materials and evaluate your marketing strategy. Fortunately it is the work that will pay off in the form of new clients and repeat customers.

What steps have you taken to create your brand?

Top 5 Take Aways: A Simple “What” “Why” and “How” of Branding

  1. Brand is the perception people have about your business.
  2. A brand can evoke an emotional connection to a product or service.
  3. Brands create confidence in consistency of products or services.
  4. Brands produce customer loyalty and awareness.
  5. Start working on your brand by finding the one thing that makes you stand out among your competitors

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