Stalling our business is not something we mean to do. It sort of creeps up on us if we let it, and before we know it, we sit there scratching our heads wondering why no one is beating down our door. Now assuming that our voice mail message has nothing to do with it. It could be that we have no testimonials, no recommendations, nothing to show for our work.

Not everyone is comfortable asking for a recommendation or testimonial. My answer to this is to shut up shop because you won’t get anywhere without them. To me, it’s almost as bad as saying, “I’m not going to use my profile picture because someone will steal my identity”. My answer to that is simple. Get off social media. Absolutely no beating around the bush. This is that important to your business. You don’t do it, go home now.

My business grows by referrals, my clients speak to their entrepreneurial friends about JMJ – EA for a Day and how we help them get the job done. After three months of working with a new client, I ask them for a testimonial. Three months is an imaginary acceptable timeline in my book. If I was employed, I would have a three month probation period. I would then find out after that time if I still had a job or not based on my performance.

If you are a Linkedin user, you can ask for a recommendation. A recommendation is public and if you’ve received a recommendation on Linkedin and it relates to your business. Use it on your testimonials page.

If you sell a product and would like a testimonial, consider asking your customers one of the following questions:

  1. Why did they buy your product?
  2. Has your product lived up to their standard?
  3. Was your product easy to use?
  4. Would they recommend your product to anyone else?
  5. What are the top three benefits of using your product?
  6. What was the best part about using your product?

So once you have your testimonial what should you do with it?

  1. Share it on your testimonial page on your website
  2. Call it out in a side menu on your website
  3. Create a picture block and use part of the testimonial to create a quote
  4. Add the testimonial to other social media platforms if applicable
  5. Always include the name and business of the person providing the testimonial
  6. You should link your testimonial to the writers website .. reciprocity is so important
  7. Include a page of testimonials in your printed advertising material or add them at the back of your next eBook or Whitepaper

What are you doing with your testimonials? Please leave a comment below.