Word of mouth advertising means a lot when you are operating a virtual assistant business. A good recommendation can drum up a lot of business while a negative comment can drive away potential clients. Help your clients’ referrals boost your business by finding a niche.

Everyone is connected

The connectedness that social media provides puts your clients in a unique position to spread the word about you fast. A few well connected and influential clients saying the right words online can spread quickly. Make sure you give your clients plenty of positive things to say by excelling in your specific area.

Don’t be overlooked

Your niche will give your clients something to talk about. When their colleagues and peers want to know who is the best in a particular field, you want your business to be the first one to come to mind. If the services you offer are too general, you may be easily overlooked.

Passion is contagious

Do what you love and be the best at it. Your passion and expertise will inspire clients to share your name with their friends. When your clients are consistently satisfied with your skills and your service they will be quick to offer a recommendation or a positive testimonial. Passion is contagious. When you love what you do and are excited about your field your clients will catch on. You will make their work more enjoyable and everyone wants to share an encouraging experience with a friend.

Bad news spreads fast

Unfortunately, people are often even more excited to share when they are outraged, angry or have bad experience. Clients can viciously spread the word when they are dissatisfied with your business. Don’t give them the opportunity. Recognise and solve problems quickly, be courteous, and excel at your service. Don’t compromise who you are or what your business offers just to please a client, but do deliver on your promises.

Ask for referrals

Feel free to ask satisfied clients for a testimonial or letter of recommendation. You can add testimonials to your blog or website and include letters of recommendation in your portfolio. When you specialise in one area it will be easy for your clients to share specifically about what you have to offer in your niche.

Stand out

When you stand out as an expert in your niche area people will seek out your business and be eager to hire you. Your business will grow and succeed when clients network and share about how good you are at your niche.

Find that area of work that you love, are passionate about and excel in and focus your efforts there. You will be rewarded with the best kind of marketing, word of mouth and your business will grow and thrive.

Do you count on word of mouth to marketing for your virtual assistant business?

Top Five Take Outs: Something to Talk About

  1. Word of mouth advertising is essential to successful business.
  2. Social media can speed up and magnify word of mouth recommendations and complaints.
  3. Clients will spread the word about you when you excel in a specific area.
  4. Make sure clients are thrilled with your work.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied clients to share a testimonial.

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