I’ve taken part in a few VA courses, and I can honestly say, Jacqui is a breath of fresh air. Jacqui has so much knowledge and experience to share and is a pleasure to deal with. Jacqui is open, non-judgmental, gives constructive and positive feedback and is a joy to learn from. You will get so much value from TVAP. – Tuesday Semmens

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Are you the right fit for The Virtual Assistant Project?

This program is not for everyone, and working from home and creating a business that will change your lifestyle is hard work.

It takes balls!! So before you fill in the form, ask yourself this question.

What will it take to change my lifestyle?

You have to want something bad enough to make the change. Your reason why needs to be something other than a designer handbag. Your commitment to yourself and your family needs to be paramount.

If it is, FILL IN THE FORM. We will announce the next intake date soon, and you’ll be among the first to know.

  • You are thinking about leaving your corporate role

  • You have been in business less than 2 years

  • You are not seeing any growth

  • Every day is a struggle to get ahead

  • No one is beating down your door

  • You’ve been in business more than 2 years

  • You earn more than 5k per month

  • You don’t want to work hard to get what you want

  • You’re distracted by shinny objects

  • All you want is the money

What others say about The Virtual Assistant Project

Since starting out with Jacq, my knowledge has grown tremendously in all areas of life. Admin and office knowledge, my confidence as a young woman and creating a wealth of independence. Jacqui challenges me with new tasks and pushes me to venture out of my comfort zone.

The support she provides me on a daily basis is beyond measurable and I have been able to utilise my basic knowledge in admin and grow with her support.

Laini Burdett

I would recommend Jacqui’s course to anyone; even her one on ones is the best!

Throughout the course, you are given so much information and a lot you may not even think of.

Thank you, Jacqui, you’re amazing.

Emma Carr

I began my VA business and struggled until I started mentoring with Jacqui from JMJ – EA for a Day.

Since then my client base has quadrupled and my income has increased by 200%. Jacqui’s experience as both a high-level executive EA and a successful business owner has been instrumental in growing my business. Her system works.

Anita Brammer