Most Online Business Managers would know by now, how critical it is for your business to be on Facebook. Whether to generate new clients or provide information for your current ones it’s a critical part of today’s business landscape.

With a large 1.13 billion average active users every day, Facebook is an amazing platform to reach new clients from all over the world, or just in the local area if you’re seeking a smaller lead generation circle.

When it comes to posting on Facebook do you ever feel lost for ideas? Today’s article will list some interesting post ideas that your coaching business could adopt and as a result, improve your lead generation.

Landing Page Offers Direct To Facebook

Directing people to your websites landing pages which hosts your lead generating offers is one of the easiest ways to convert.

If you go down this route, make sure you include a compelling offer and include a related image or video to spark the Facebook users interest.

Always be clear about the post and the offer it leads to, users get frustrated / disinterested very quickly if your post is vague or doesn’t lead directly to what you’ve offered in the Facebook post. For example, if your post links to an article on your blog, make sure it goes directly to it, making your visitors fill out a form or survey first will result in the quickest exits from your website.

Blog Posts That Generate The Most Leads

If your blog is used to generate leads for your business (and let’s be real, it should be!) you can use these blog posts as links that you can post on your Facebook page. Try and post about the most successful blogs or things your customers find most relevant or interesting.

If you’ve got things set up correctly within your blogs, they’ll include a CTA for your potential clients, this method of posting draws potential leads from Facebook directly into your blog and your CTA from there.

Use Videos To Promote Lead Generation Offers

Recently Facebook went and modified its algorithms (again) to limit the amount of content on the service, and this can be a real pain for businesses trying to market their ideas and products.

There’s one thing you should know, the algorithm favours video content, so creating short videos about your lead generating offer will come up better in searches and on Facebook walls. Meaning your post will have far greater reach.

With your video, keep it brief and to the point, whether they’re an offer, an event you are hosting or some news for your clients, always have a call to action at the end of the video.

Next steps

Don’t have a lead generation strategy? Don’t know where you start? I’ve been working on lead generation for a majority of my clients for a while now. They come to me and recommend me to their clients who need help in this area. Lead generation is something you can outsource so you can work on your business not in it.

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