How much money can you make as a Virtual Assistant? I can answer that with another question; how hard do you want to work?

When I say work hard, I’m not talking about slogging it out sweating all day. When I say working hard, I’m talking about how much time, effort, and personal development you will put into being the best Virtual Assistant you can be.

Earning good money as a VA can come down to how well you can answer these basic questions:

1. How much do you want your business to succeed?

2. How much homework have you done?

3. How prepared are you to spend the dollars when you need to?

4. How mentally prepared you are to work in a silo environment?

5. How much is riding on your success?

6. What happens if you don’t make it as a Virtual Assistant?

It won’t happen overnight; it is no use telling you it will. You need to have done your prep and put in the hard work, and you can make as little or as much as you want.

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