How successful are job boards for building a Virtual Assistant business?

I don’t want to be blunt, but it’s how it is. You will never build a business with consistent income using job boards. You may as well be selling a party plan. We all know that only a tiny percentage makes it big. But not lifestyle changing big.

It is like applying for a new job every time to keep the money coming in. It is highly stressful and sees so many virtual assistants fail, become disheartened and throw in the towel because they don’t realise there is another way, a better way, a way that will change their lifestyle.

So how do Virtual Assistants make the big bucks?

1. They think like a boss, not like an employee

2. They have done the hard work and research

3. They network with their target market

4. They build emotional connections with their target market

5. They are consistent and reliable

6. They are forward thinkers

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