It may seem counterintuitive, but many times in business you have to think small to grow big. Is your VA business being held back because you are trying to do too much?

Find your target market

If your business is dabbling in too many services without excelling in any, you will have difficulty finding your target market. Often, it is much easier to find a client that is looking for a very specific service than a client with broad general needs. Niche businesses are more successful because they offer a service or expertise that no one else has.

Offer quality

Choosing just one area of focus will keep you from being spread too thin and help you to become the expert in your field. When you are trying to cover too many areas beyond your skill set you may not provide your clients with the quality of work they desire and deserve. It is important to know your limits and not compromise them to please a client. Unapologetically offer only what you do best.

Lower your stress level

Taking care of your business by finding a niche will also help you take care of yourself. Trying to tackle too much can result in mounting stress levels. It is easy to get behind when you are trying to accomplish either too many tasks or tasks that are beyond your skill set.

Personal stress can be cyclical. Loss of sleep and an unhealthy work/life balance are both caused by stress and will result in more stress. Running your business becomes very difficult when you are stuck in an unhealthy cycle of stress.


When you are stressed and selling a service that is less than exceptional to your clients you will lose clients. Unsatisfied clients can be detrimental to your business. So much of small business growth depends on referrals and word of mouth advertisement. One angry client can lead to the loss of many potential clients.

Don’t be afraid to set limits and hone your skills in a single area. Be the best at a few things rather than mediocre at everything. When your clients see your exemplary work they will not hesitate to recommend your services to their networks.

Find your niche

Are you a master of managing social media? Do you craft fascinating and professional newsletters? Are you an organisational guru? Take time to evaluate what you do best and shape your virtual assistant business around that.

Top Five Takeouts: What can go wrong when your business doesn’t have a niche.

  1. You will feel spread too thin and your stress level will skyrocket.
  2. You will fail to be an expert in any single area.
  3. You will provide inferior service to your clients.
  4. Potential clients won’t connect with your business because your target market is too broad.
  5. You will lose client referrals and word of mouth marketing.

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