We tend to go a little crazy every now and then; we Like a Facebook page and then another and another and before we know it, our feed fills up with all this information we are not really interested in.  Now, we either Like it out of a sense of duty, or we Like it because it is of interest to us. When we Like a page, we auto follow that page unless we manually change the setting.

So my first point is why Like a page if you don’t plan on seeing their newsfeed if you don’t plan on commenting or Liking posts? We should be more discerning about the pages we Like. What is the point of having a page with 1,000 likes with no interaction? It defeats the purpose.

I have one hard and fast rule, I Like pages that interest me, that I can learn from, that I can network with etc.  I don’t like pages because I hope they will turn around and Like me too. I want people to like my page for what it is and what they get out of it.

How I manage pages

I don’t often look at my newsfeed, it simply does my head in, there is no order to it at all. But what I do have are lists. If I want to know what all the VA pages are up to that I’ve liked, I simply click on the list and check out the newsfeed. If I want to see what my mentors’ list is doing, I click on that list.  This has two huge impacts for me.

  1. It allows me to focus on a specific area (without doing my OCD in)
  2. It allows me to network more effectively, by being able to concentrate with interest on a specific area

How to set up your lists for optimum efficiency

  • Go to your personal profile wall (the one with the cover photo)
  • Scroll down until you find your Like section
  • Click on the Like link
  • Click on Other Likes
  • Hover your mouse over the Like button on the relevant page you want to list
  • If you want to create a new list click +New List. If you don’t want to create a new list, choose the list from your drop down menu.

You don’t need to visit every single page to add pages to a list, you just visit your Likes section on your personal profile.  It’s a bit of a one stop shop really.

Now, so you can see which list has activity on it easily, simply add that list to your favourites so you can easily view from your personal profile Home page.

How to favourite your lists

  • Scroll down your Home page until you see INTERESTS on the left hand side
  • Choose the Interest / List that you would like to favourite
  • Click on the little pencil icon to the left of the name
  • Choose add to favourites

Your list will now appear at the top left of your Home page screen, directly under News Feed.

I love to read your comments, please leave one below, let me know what you think about Facebook lists or how else you have found they serve you best.