Are you inspired by working from home?

I love working from my home office. Most times I’m inspired by what I see out my window. The beauty of the day, the sound of the birds and the wind rushing through the trees; it’s my favourite place to be. Working from home inspires me to be better and to do better. Unfortunately, that isn’t the same for everyone and certainly wasn’t always the case for me.

Working in a corporate office, getting dressed up every day, running the office was motivating and inspiring to me. I walked into the office every day, happy to be there. With my game face on I could take on the world and solve all of its problems.

Then I started working from my home office. I was inspired ‘most’ of the time, but I soon found other things that would drain that inspiration and excitement. I went from, enthusiastic business owner to she’ll be right I’ll get to it when I can. I’d become stuck in a rut. I was just maintaining, there was no drive, no long term vision. I was acting like an employee not the owner of a business that I had started and was determined to make a success of it.

When I started JMJ – EA for a Day, my goal was to make a difference in the lives of the people I helped. I wanted to empower, inspire and educate. I wanted to be me and do things on my own terms.

We all have moments when the ‘light bulb’ goes on and I had mine. It was like an epiphany, I suddenly realised that the direction I was headed in wasn’t where I wanted to be and it was necessary to change course before it was too late. I needed to get my mojo back. If you’re struggling with your business working from home, go through the 10 points below and start making the difference you need to make and do it now.

How to get your mojo back

  1. Stop procrastinating.
  2. Stop blaming everyone and everything for your lack of lustre.
  3. Start saying NO.
  4. Take charge of your personal development.
  5. Dress for the office as if you’re expecting visitors.
  6. Schedule in the housework as if you worked outside of the home.
  7. Become the SME your clients need you to be.
  8. Get out, meet people, network.
  9. Read lots. Harry S Truman is quoted as saying, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
  10. Exercise and look after yourself.

When you work from home, isolation can be a terrible thing. It can make you manifest all sorts of silly things that can impact upon you and your business. Take ownership of your situation. Want to be a success? Only you can drive it.

The VA Project is a 10 module program designed to help you create your own successful #VA business. Designed by JMJ – EA for a Day. The program already has successful businesses operating as a result of using the program.

What are you going to do to get your mojo back? Please leave a comment below.