How To Keep Your Clients
One of the terms I see often on social media or shared in blog posts to do with Virtual Assistants is, ‘How to get the most out of your VA’ … I mean really? Firstly let me remind you that you are an independent contractor. You are not an employee, or anyone that someone else needs to ‘get the best or most out of’. What your clients’ need to know, is how to work with you and vice versa.

Your client needs to do several things in order to help your working relationship, just as you need to provide your client with the right information about you and your business. Once you both understand how each other work then there is no need for ‘getting the most out of’. You’re not requiring a tune-up or service to get the last few kilometers out of you. It’s almost insulting. Unfortunately, this is the type of mentality that is widely accepted for Virtual Assistants because we simply accept it. Well, I don’t. I give my best 100% of the time and I’m sure you do too, and if you aren’t, then you need to change the way you are doing business.

Is your client doing this?

  • Delegate tasks
  • Don’t assume
  • Are proactive with communication
  • Supply you the right information
  • Provide tools relevant to their business

How to keep your clients!

  • Commitment
  • Consult up
  • Be the SME
  • Finish what you start
  • Be reliable

These are ten very important points that you need to know in order to be diligent in your business whether you are looking from your point of view or your clients. You need to get these right in order to provide stability to your client and credibility for your business. This is how you keep your clients.

Managing your business and managing your clients’ expectations is  your responsibility. Your client needs you to consult up and be the SME they have contracted you to be. If you are struggling with your virtual assistant business or looking to start your own, then the VA Project is a program that you need to look at.

I’d love your thoughts on this post, what other points would you add? Please leave a comment below.