Heading off to meet a potential client can scare the pants off you. Even for the most confident of us, we still ask ourselves the same questions and go over the same stuff in our minds. I know right, there are a hundred things that could be running through your mind!  These tips will help you prepare and empower you to be the one who runs the meeting, not your client.

Your potential client is looking to you to make the point of difference, to take the lead, to be strong and decisive.

How to prep for a potential client meeting

You can receive potential client contact in many ways. They could come to you via referral, at a networking event, from your website, social media or an online job site. No matter where they’ve come from, they want to talk with you about helping them, move their business forward, this is your time to shine, so you want to make it count.

Vet Your Potential Client

Don’t think your potential client hasn’t done this to you also. Chances are they’ve checked you out on as many platforms as they could; spoken to other people, especially if a mutual friend/client/acquaintance has recommended you.

I always go to Linkedin first. I view their profile, are they active, are they, my ideal client? Because if they are not my ideal client, do I really want to work with them, for me the answer is no. You can read why on one of my previous posts Reduce Your Stress Levels and Find Focus by Finding Your Niche.

If they do fit into your target market, then keep reading.

What to ask them

When you have initial contact, ask them these questions first. Then go away and think about their responses. Do you need to cancel your meeting, or are you excited at the prospect of taking on a new client?

  1. Why did they contact you?
  2. Why did they contact you at this point in time?
  3. What isn’t working for them right now?
  4. What do they need from you?

These four questions will help you determine if they are your ideal client. Here are some possible answer scenarios, which scenario response would you be interested in working with?

Scenario one

  1. I found you online
  2. It seemed like a good thing to do now
  3. Pretty much everything
  4. I don’t know, that’s why I’m speaking to you

Scenario two

  1. I did a Google search, then looked you up on Linkedin and Facebook
  2. Business has got to the stage that I need help now
  3. My sales funnel for my coaching business and the admin processes behind it
  4. I need your help to get everything in order, so I can concentrate on building my business.

How to evaluate the scenario responses

The person in scenario one is more likely to be a tyre kicker. They are non-commital and are not at the stage where they really need help. If you’re cheap enough they’re in. NOPE!! this is not my ideal client so in this case, I would simply thank them for their call and tell them I’m not available however I could recommend they look to online job boards like UpWork. The potential client who provides this scenario is also not looking for a connection, or long term working relationship, you are simply a means to an end.

The person in scenario two is someone to be taken seriously. They know what’s wrong with their business and they want to fix it with someone’s help. But is that someone you? They want someone strong and professional. They want a game changer for their businesses, a person who can be impactful and consult up. I’d be wanting to meet with the person in scenario two.

Allow time to prepare

Don’t be pushed into meeting a client the same day they contact you, or even the following day. You need time to prepare for their meeting so you can be at your best. I recommend at least 3 days out from their initial contact. This time allows you to research them, their business and get together any pack you may wish to take with you. You want to set yourself up for the win from the very beginning. Do it properly! You also need time to change your mind if you need to.

How to get the client.

The client from scenario two will ask some great questions of you and knowing how to interpret them is an absolute must. 10 Questions, How to Avoid the Deal Breakers 10 questions every virtual assistant needs to get the answer to so you can get more clients is the crystal ball you need.

How do you prepare for a potential client meeting? Share your comments in the comment section below.

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