If you haven’t already created yourself a Linkedin profile, do it! Linkedin is one of the best networking tools on the market and it’s free.

Then why is it, that so many of us create a profile, but don’t utilise it. You don’t have to check it out every hour, once a week minimum is great. If you are going to bother with creating an online profile, you need to maintain it.


Many of my network all agree, there is nothing worse than getting the standard message:

I want to add you to my network.


I think it’s the Linkedin App for iPad, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to add a message if you want to connect with someone.  You simply hit the connect button and a bland thoughtless message is sent to someone you are hoping to do business with.Use your computer for connecting. This way you get to alter the standard message that goes out. Letting the recipient know you have taken the time to be bothered. It really does make all the difference.


Linkedin has a group for just about every conceivable niche.  It’s easy to go crazy in the beginning and join every group that’s out there and comes the bombardment of emails because you didn’t change the notifications in your settings. It all becomes too hard so once we figure out how to do that, we change our email settings and remain a member of 50 groups that we hear nothing from or contribute to because we turned off emails.
Here is what you do, you block out an hour in your day (yes, schedule it in then you are more likely to do it) and go through your groups. If you answer no to any of the following, they should be at the top of your list for removing.
  1. Have you ever commented in the group?
  2. Have you many connections in this group?
  3. Do you check the group at all when you are online?

How to leave a group

  • Open your Linkedin profile
  • Click on Interests
  • Click on groups
  • Select the group
  • Hover your mouse over the Member button
  • The button will change to Leave
  • Click the Leave button

Top 5 Takeouts

  1. Put some thought into the Groups you join on Linkedin. It’s not a competition to see who has the most groups
  2. If you aren’t interested in a group any longer leave it
  3. Choose groups that you can learn from and contribute to
  4. Keep your profile updated and be active
  5.  It’s that simple, it’s business, it’s your business

What are your thoughts on Linkedin, please leave a comment below.