This really happened, and not often does a week go by when I think about the time I lost 12k and found freedom. I’ll never forget my calmness as I knew this money was gone, what a lifetime game changer the loss would be, and how I would apply what I learned to grow my business.

So this is my story, not my proudest moment but it appears it was one I was meant to have!

Away for the weekend with my husband and close friends, we went out to dinner at a great little pub. I remember it all as clear as day.  We hadn’t been there long and were having a drink, and some laughs before we settled in for dinner when my phone rang. The caller was a long-time client whose opinion I valued and that working with wasn’t a chore even though I did ridiculous long hours for (on retainer).

So what should I have done when the client said, ‘I have a huge favour to ask, and I’ll understand if you say no—if you can see your way clear’! This in itself should have been a red flag for this client. But they had my trust 110%; after all, I knew them so well…

We can either listen to our gut feelings or we can ignore them. It is how we accept and deal with the consequences of our decision that is, I think, the most impactful. We can choose to rant and rave and scream woo is me, or we can live with the choice we made and move on.

Many years ago, I was the ranter and raver. But life lessons have taught me well, and I’ve listened. Rightly or wrongly, I live with the decisions I make. Owning your &^%$ is what we all need to do. Laying the blame for the decisions we make is a shameful thing to do. It doesn’t help anyone, least of all you.

Listen to the blogcast below to get the full lowdown on what happened, how I dealt with it, and why I dealt with it the way I did.