It’s time to talk about the two main types of mobile computing for business purposes, and must have business people who need to be mobile, the humble laptop and the trendy tablet, and how easy and affordable it is to merge the two.

The laptop has a greater performance capability than a tablet, that’s a given, and access to the traditional keyboard lends a hand towards the speed of completing tasks, like word processing among other things. The screen of a laptop is often much larger than a tablet, making it easier on the eyes, however, on the downside, the laptop is heavier. Often, people end up having both. I assume if you have a Mac, you probably will pair it up with an iPad, and if you are a PC user, you might pair it up with an Android tablet or the like.

The Best of Both Worlds

Both the laptop and the tablet have strong plus points, and both have their share of weaknesses, so if you were to combine the two together, you could eliminate these weaknesses, and create a stronger product that you could rely on for your business. While not exactly new to the market, you have available in the PC domain, the “detachable tablet,” also known as the 2-in-1. You have to admit, it is a brilliant idea for multifunction computing, being able to detach the screen from the laptop, you now have a fully working tablet! It’s Brilliant!

These excellent devices allow you all the freedom of the tablet and the function of the laptop when you need it, for example, typing documents or doing work not suited to touch screen technology. This kind of device allows you to use it as a business device and entertainment device at the drop of a hat, just take the screen off the keyboard and you can watch movies or play games on it without the need to swap from laptop to tablet and vice versa. The detachable tablet while still fairly compact, you gain the benefits of a tablet, with the power of a laptop, while keeping the weight and size to reasonable levels.

Usually, when you merge two technologies together to create a new product, there’s a drawback or a catch, the only drawback I found in common in all small laptops, in that the smaller device allows for a smaller keyboard and keys closer together, reducing typing accuracy.

I’d love to have your thoughts on this. Do you have both, or one or the other? What advantages do you see? You can leave a comment in the comment section below.