Following on from last week’s blog post, I received an email where the writer commented that they were still employed, and that they didn’t want their employer to know they were planning to leave. Again thanks to enquiring minds, I have written this post about how to keep your Linkedin profile under the radar while preparing to walk out into the spotlight.

It’s perfectly understandable that some people aren’t comfortable having their employer know they are planning to leave to become their own boss. However, with some planning you can have what I consider one of the most important social media sites for your business up and running the day after you leave your employer. I highly recommend making Linkedin part of your planning process. Six months before you make the move to leave, commence updating your profile.

Turn off ‘Notify my network’

Turn off the notification that announces to the world you have made a change to your profile. If you are flying under the radar, you don’t want to announce all the changes you are making. Linkedin has made this easier than it use to be.

  • Login to your account
  • Click on profile
  • Click on edit profile

Under the ‘recommended for you’ box on the right of your screen, there is a box ‘Notify your network?’

  • Select the drop down arrow next to ‘notify your network’
  • Select No, do not publish changes

Areas to update

You want your profile to be business ready as much as possible before you switch to your business identity. You don’t want to have to write everything after you have left your employer. Make this a priority because it will be one of the most important ‘FREE’ advertising sites you get for your business; make it count; prepare for it.

  • Update your summary
  • Your current and past positions
  • Add any honours or awards
  • If you have collaborated with others on a project, then add that into your profile
  • Review all your positions, rewrite them if need be
  • Review your skills section and ask friends / colleagues to endorse you
  • Ask for recommendations from peers or suppliers you have worked with

Once you are business ready

When the time comes to go public with your business, make these changes to your profile:

  • Update your profile photo to a professional shot if you have one
  • Update your summary so it is about how you can help your client or how your business can help your customers
  • Add in your website and contact details
  • Include links to other social media profiles you know that you will use for your business
  • Update the experience section to put in specifics about your business
  • Include your business title, prospective clients will want to know who you are

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