Online Business Managers (or OBM’s) do not work for peanuts! It costs you to get the best of the best. After all, you don’t work for peanuts; so why do we think we can get a business partner for $12.00 per hour? It’s an insult really to those of us who have done the hard yards, know our trade, and have the experience to get our clients across the line.

Michael Hyatt and Tim Ferris sing the praises of the worth of a virtual assistant. Worth a read if you’re looking to work with a Virtual Assistant is Chris Duckers Virtual Freedom. If you know someone who works with a VA or an OBM, talk to them about your own needs, listen to their advice and recommendations.


Virtual Assistant – the tasker

You can find great Virtual Assistants anywhere in the world, from as little as $8 USD an hour in Asia, to $8 – 12 USD in India, and in Australia, you can expect to pay from $20 – $40 AUD per hour. A Virtual Assistant relies on receiving the work from the client, and work is measured on the clock and billed accordingly. You may find a virtual assistant managing up to 10 clients by themselves before they subcontract your work to another VA. VA’s are really great at taking the grind out of your everyday tasks and you can enlist their help before the 6 figure income barrier.

Online Business Manager – the big picture

An online business manager generally has many years of experience in admin at a senior level (generally corporate office/department managers). Their ability to see the big picture, offer up direction and solutions to problems, as well as manage projects and teams for their clients make them worth every cent.

While an online business manager works with fewer clients because of the volume and attention to detail, they generally work for a retainer and a percentage of income. An incentive might also be offered on top of the retainer, depending upon the business type and structure of the client.

Why you need to spend the money

Working with an online business manager can be the best thing ever for your business. If you can delegate and let go of things that are keeping you bogged down and overwhelmed in the day to day grind of your business you can soon move your 6 figure business to an 8 figure business.

Your OBM will become a significant part of your business, and in some cases, could possibly end up knowing more about you than you, yourself depending upon the level of trust you place in them to do the best for you. If you’re ready to work with an OBM that can give you the support and help you grow your business, we should have a chat.