It’s the little things that can make a difference. These 5 tips are tried and true. I have utilised them all through my working career and have carried them into my business and that of my clients’.

There is absolutely no excuse for working in a mess. Simply not having time to get organised is not an excuse, it’s like driving your car and not maintaining it and then wondering why it no longer works. The success of your business can hinge on your back of house processes, having the right things in place can minimise any downtime for you.

Follow these 5 simple tips to gain some order back into business admin. Share them with your virtual assistant or your admin team and reap the benefits.

Create a maintenance register

Everything you touch in your office has a lifespan, from the paperclip to your PC, your tool of trade.  Create a health check schedule for everything in your office that requires ‘a visit’ by the relevant professional, to make sure your tools of trade continue to support you.

Create a wait reply system

How do you manage the work you need to review on certain days? This tip relates to hard copy documents, printed invitations, flight / accommodation, anything that has a use-by date.

Create your own by utilising 31 suspension files and number them 1 to 31, and of course, you will need an empty draw to suspend the files in, alternatively use an empty archive box if you don’t have a file draw.

Place the document you want to review under the relevant date you want to view it on, then make a habit of checking your Wait Reply every evening before you leave the office as part of your next day prep. You know what has to go on your to do list for the next day. Then when you have actioned or finalised what is on your document on the due date, simply file it.

Create an audit trail

Use your Wait Reply System to maintain audit trails on your documentation.  On your copy of a document, you can keep details of followup calls, conversations, checks on status, etc.

This alleviates the need to have numerous bits of paper floating on your desktop and keeps everything nice and tidy for you.  When you have finished with the document, you should either file it or shred it.  If you scan your documents to save electronically, all the notes you have written you will capture also. No more messy little bits of paper getting lost in folders.

Invest in your tools of trade

You want to do the best job that you can, and it is important that you purchase the best equipment that will help you do this. Do your research, what fits best within your budget. Investing in the best you can afford is an investment in yourself.

Settling for second best will only cost you more in the long run, in money, lost time, lost productivity and your patience.

Do your homework and invest in the tools that will support your business.

Office review

Every month, spend a couple of hours reviewing how you work in your office, what is working and what is not working and implement any necessary changes. If something no longer works as well as it should for you, it’s time to rethink it.

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