Today we’re looking at the Mad Mimi email marketing platform which will be the final in our series of 4 reviews.

A Bit Of History

Mad Mimi was made by a young couple who didn’t start out intending to make an email marketing company at all! It started with their desire to design their emails for their music company because they didn’t like what the email marketing companies of the time had on offer.

It turns out their clients liked their emails and the format so much they were being asked to design emails for other people! This is how Mad Mimi was born! A simple but elegant email marketing tool designed purely for email marketing.

Pricing Packages

Your entry level is very fairly priced with the basic service available for $10/month which will give you up to 500 contacts. For your larger business, they recommend you go with the Pro option which is $42/month for up to 10,000 contacts including speedier delivery service attached.

The good thing about Mad Mimi here is that the pricing scales to your subscriber numbers so if you’re happy with your basic level service and grow to need 1000 subscribers you can switch over to that plan without having to jump into a new service category like Pro!

You can see the subscription page here and fiddle with the subscriber settings until you find the one that suits you best.

The Cool And The Not So Cool Features

What sets Mad Mimi apart from the competition is the wonderfully easy to use solution they’ve driven. Backed by good support options, you’ll find Mad Mimi to be very easy to use and work with.

The only downsides are the simplicity of the platform, which is by design. That means businesses with more complex marketing requirements would likely be steered towards some of the heavier duty marketing offerings which are a little more detailed and in depth but provide a wider range of features and customisation options. However, this “con” is quite possibly a real “pro” depending on your requirements.

Integration Abilities

You can’t have an email marketing platform without the ability to integrate into your other working platforms, and that is also the case with Mad Mimi. While Mad Mimi is geared towards a simpler more elegant solution for email structures, as a result, the integration list is shorter than your heavy duty email marketing solutions.

Once again this could be a good thing for some businesses while it could be a show stopper for others depending on their requirements. Mad Mimi is suited to a business with simple email requirements, and the integrated platform list is geared towards only the most popular platforms.

Click here to check the list to see if you’re going to run into any trouble with Mad Mimi integrating into your other platforms. Keep in mind Mad Mimi is simple and elegant and focused mainly on your emails and no other branches of marketing.

Summing Up

Mad Mimi is a fantastic solution for businesses of any size looking for a platform to purely handle email only. The feature list is solid, and the theme builder is easy to use and forgoes complicated advanced features for ease of use.

There’s also a trial option available for those of you who aren’t ready to switch or commit right away, and that can be found here.

Mad Mimi is worth a try if all you’re interested in is email marketing! Give it a go!