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It’s the dream isn’t it; starting a home business that in time will change your lifestyle.

If you’re ready to take the step to create a virtual assistant business where you can use your skills and create a business but you’re struggling to find the answers to the many questions you have then, the The Virtual Assistant Project question time is a fantastic way to G3’s your answers.

The Virtual Assistant Project Q&A offers a regular free forum to find out the answers to the questions you have about starting your business or getting over the hurdles that keep popping up. The Virtual Assistant Project Q&A is designed to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in today’s workforce.

There are significant benefits to being a part of The Virtual Assistant Project Q&A because it allows you to ask your questions in a live forum and get the answers that will help. You can challenge assumptions, and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to start a business from home.

Get new insights and perspectives, and identify the areas where you need further research or discussion. Develop critical thinking skills and be encouraged to take the next steps for both personal and professional growth.

Investing in new skills and professional development can be costly, but The Virtual Assistant Project Q&A ensures that everyone has access to high-quality information and learning resources. Our free Q&A covers a range of topics built on your questions, from technical skills to leadership and management techniques.

Hosted by Jacqui James, who has made a career over the past 35+ years out of business administration and the last for the past decade Jacqui has built a business that is changing the lives of Virtual Assistants. A VA herself when she commenced business, Jacqui has gone from working solo to working with a team of Australian and offshore Virtual Assistant to support her clients and business.

Seven years ago I began my VA business and struggled until I started mentoring with Jacqui from JMJ – EA for a Day. Since then my client base has quadrupled and my income has increased by 200%. Jacqui’s experience as both a high-level executive EA and a successful business owner has been instrumental in growing my business. Her system works!! I have the confidence, knowledge and ability to drive my business forward. Her eBook’s are full of great AH HA moments and it’s these gems that tell you, it’s not impossible.
Anita Brammer, Anita.VirtualAssistant
Jacqui is an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve learnt so much from Jacqui and I find her method and manner of teaching inspirational and one of a kind. Not only does the course provide so much knowledge, insight, and much needed help with starting and building a VA business, Jacqui is there with you throughout. Jacqui helps to build your confidence, listens to your ideas, and offers additional input as well as sharing her own experiences that truly help you to work out your best steps forward.

Before I came across Jacqui James and TVAP, my confidence was low, I was struggling to put myself out there and I was a bit lost on what to do. With Jacqui’s unwavering support, I have implemented much needed processes and strategies and my business has strengthened. I now have so much more confidence in my abilities and my business, and I’m able to put myself out there. My business has really started to flourish and I’m loving being a virtual assistant.

Tuesday Semmens, That Girl Tuesday
I would recommend Jacqui’s course to anyone; even her one on ones is the best! Throughout the course, you are given so much information and a lot you may not even think of. Thank you, Jacqui; you’re amazing!
Emma Carr, EC Property Admin

Why you need to be part of The Virtual Assistant Project Q&A

  • Access 35+ years of business administration and business experience
  • Find out best practices
  • Hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded virtual assistants and expand your network
  • Find your tribe and find encouragement
  • Increase your confidence and competence in your decision making .

Who should attend?

  • There are two type of people who will benefit from these calls and that is:
  • Virtual Assistants who are struggling to find traction
  • Virtual Assistants who are just starting out
  • Employees who are thinking of a change from your current job

These sessions are not training sessions. There is no teaching, only answers. This is a totally free forum where your questions are answered. What they are is a practical opportunity for you to start, grow or scale your Virtual Assistant business.