The butterflies in your stomach, the niggling feeling that won’t go away, the self-doubt and negative speak we tell ourselves, is what keeps us from reaching our full potential. You search and search but still you find self doubt.

We have no shortage of fantastic ideas, we love thinking them up, we write them down in our ‘one day’ book and then promptly go about our life, sometimes stuck in a status quo that we wish we could change, but we’re too scared to.

I can tell you now, the only way you will be a success is to be positive, confident, mixed with a healthy dose of fear and risk. I left behind a wonderful corporate salary, replenished every month with a great staff discount and perks. But it was no longer a challenge. As the major breadwinner for our family, it was a massive risk to take, telling my employer I was resigning. So I know what I’m talking about here. I’m not writing this from another’s perspective it’s mine.

What I was frightened of

  • I was frightened that I was one of the many in the organisation I worked for
  • I was frightened that I would grow old in a city with nothing to show for my life
  • I was frightened that it was all too easy and there were no more challenges
  • I was frightened I wasn’t going to leave a legacy

These things frightened me more than starting my own business. I’d done my homework, I’d been working in admin for half my life. I had the skills to start a business and to keep it going, but my biggest fear was to take that first step without a safety net, without a plan B.

  • What happened if I didn’t get enough clients to pay the bills?
  • What happened if I couldn’t pay the rent?
  • What happened if I couldn’t put food on the table?

These were all questions I asked myself ‘after I had taken that leap’. Too late perhaps, but the what ifs didn’t last for long. Because failure wasn’t an option. I had to provide for my family and I did, I had to pay the rent and I did, in fact, we’ve recently bought a home. No mortgage and NO MORE RENT.

How to set yourself up for a win

I can’t stress this enough, planning, plan, plan and more planning. The VA Project modules are built on my business model, it’s how I’ve created a very successful business, now in my 5th year. So ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it that I’m not doing to set myself up for a win?
  • Where am I in my journey as a VA?

What are you going to do to set yourself up for a win? Please leave a comment below.