Welcome to The Virtual Assistant Website Project

We’ll help you be seen; build your brand; showcase your skills and knowledge and change your lifestyle!

I’m really excited that you would like us to create a website for you that will help you showcase your brand, your skills and your knowledge. In turn, it will change your lifestyle.

Next Steps

  1. Get your copy of the planner, complete it and return it to me within 48 hours of your brainstorming session. This will give me time to go over it, and prepare for our session. [NEED TO INCLUDE AN UPDATED PLANNER FOR TVAP HERE]
  2. Book your brainstorming session. We’ll need, at a bare minimum, an hour and a half to go over your requirements and to work through anything in your planner that you need help with.

Here’s to building your business and changing your lifestyle.

PS. You should have already received your receipt. Please check your SPAM folder if you haven’t, and if there is still nothing in your inbox within the next 20 minutes, please email me at jmj@jacquijames.com.au, and I’ll jump into Stripe and send it to you personally.