Great VA’s have a servants heart. I think it’s the most important thing a VA can have. Here’s why.

When I was 17, I went back to school to learn typing. The vice principal of the local high school was the class teacher. Blow me down, I never expected that, but Mr. Anderson was fantastic. I’d spent years avoiding him in the corridors only to discover I looked forward to spending two nights a week having him teach me how to type.

I knew back then that I wanted to be a secretary. I wanted to work in an office where I could make an impact on my bosses day. But back then, I had no real understanding of the servants heart that I would need to have in order to be a great secretary. It wasn’t until I was employed that I really understood what that would mean and what it would require.

I’m not talking about being the one to make the coffee and clean up after the boss, I’m talking about my desire to see that my boss was taken care of 110% every day. In fact, I know that having a servant’s heart is the reason I love being in business as an administration consultant today. I could have chosen any business to open, but I chose to create a business that focussed on the virtual world where I could impact more than one life.

I really enjoy being able to help my clients, simply knowing that they don’t need to worry about the detail and that they have faith in my ability to make the relevant decisions on behalf of them and their businesses is the key thing that continues to drive me in my business today.

Today, I received this wonderful recommendation from a client:

Jacqui has been a life saver – keeps me accountable, provides fantastic feedback and is happy to go the extra mile. If you find yourself struggling to get it all done then engaging Jacqui is the answer! Act now.
Chris Barlow – Leadership Coach | Business Transformation + Change Agent

I’ve highlighted the part that speaks servant heart to me. In fact if I look over all of the testimonials I’ve received from clients, no matter how they are worded, my heart for serving is always mentioned, because I think it’s the part that makes the actual difference. I certainly know it’s what drives me.

Having a servant heart will give you longevity in a business where many fall because they have started their VA business for the wrong reason. My servant heart created The VA Project, I wanted to share with others who are beginning the journey or having problems, you didn’t need to spend thousands to create a great business that is satisfying and profitable. To find out how you can create a Virtual Assistant business that will give you a solid footing in a virtual world click here.

What is it that drives you? What keeps you passionate about what you do? Please leave a comment below.