Be a virtual assistant they said, it’s easy they said! All the forums you read and groups you’re in all say it’s easy, just have a computer and you can work from your kitchen table for free. Well, I’m sorry, but The Virtual Assistant Project is going to bah humbug all of those who say it’s easy, it’s free, anyone can do it. Because it isn’t easy, it’s not free and no, not everyone can be a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant needs to be business savvy, it’s not enough to simply know your way around a computer or have a particular skill in which you excel. To build a long term business you need to have business smarts, otherwise, you only have a hobby.

I have built a successful business over the past 11 years. The business is our sole income and we live a debt-free lifestyle. I’m registered for GST. I’ve done all the hard work, had the ups and downs, good clients and not so good clients but regardless of what has been going on around me JMJ – EA for a Day has gone from strength to strength each year.  So apart from all the bells and whistles, you need to run a business you need to have my top must-haves to start your virtual assistant business.

The Virtual Assistant Project Top 10 things you need to have in 2022

  1. Integrity, if you don’t have this, (and you’ll know) then stop reading now.
  2. Have a business mindset
  3. High-level skills in whatever it is you want to do
  4. Everything needs to be legal
  5. Plan, plan plan, do your homework
  6. Determine equipment you will need
  7. A supportive network, you’re going to need them
  8. Money, not lots of it but you’re going to need some funds
  9. Amazing self-care program
  10. Great business mentor

My clients have been with me for years, every year I take on a couple of new clients and expand my team of subcontractors. I purposefully do not work with clients who want to hire my services for a one-off job, that doesn’t have longevity and it certainly doesn’t provide any long term security. I’m about creating a business that you can count on to change your lifestyle, not one that will be over in 6 months.

The Virtual Assistant Project is preparing to launch a whole new program that will help you build a business that will improve your lifestyle. If you would like to know more about The Virtual Assistant Project Join our email list and keep up to date on developments.
This post was first published on the 25 May 2020.