There really are only 8 steps in getting your proposal process perfect, and once you’ve got it down, you won’t look back.

Again, keeping it simple is the key, and below I’ve laid out the steps you need to take. This process should be used in conjunction with my previous post. Remember, I did say there would be three emails in this sequence.

Initial contact – the proposal process

You probably already have a proposal process of sorts in place if you’re working with clients. Does that process involve you doing everything yourself?

The following 8 steps use a mixture of manual and automated steps to complete.

The 8 steps themselves are in order of action points and are what you should be doing when sending out a proposal, contract and invoice. The tips provide more context around each point.

1. Have a discovery call

Use a scheduling program. I like and use Book Like a Boss. Share the calendar link on your socials and your website. Once a call is booked, the person booking it can update it, reschedule it or cancel it. Give them the control. It is already in sync with your availability.

2. Update your CRM

Think of your CRM as you do your inbox. Always open. Have your scheduling program integrated with your CRM. The benefit of this is that when someone books a call, they enter your CRM automatically, they enter the list you’ve selected and receive the tags you want them to have.

3. Create a Proposal

Your proposal can be a simple email with merge fields that are mapped to relevant fields in your prospects’ record. When you update your CRM (Step 2), complete these fields, and your proposal email will auto-update.

4. Send Proposal

Once you’ve sent your proposal and it is accepted. Add a tag to your prospects’ record. This then automates the remaining steps.
Using integrations such as DocSales or WP eSignature make the process even easier.

5. Send Contract

Just like sending the proposal, your contract can be updated using mapped fields and sent out as a result of tagging your prospect.

6. Send Invoice

You can integrate AC with Xero by using Zapier. Use this integration to send an invoice to the prospect once they have signed their contract.

7. Receive Payment

When payment has been received, tag the client as paid.

8. Tag Client

Add the tag Client, and remove the prospect tag.

Steps 2 – 6 of the proposal process can be fully automated. There are many online software programs/apps that you can integrate with your CRM. Of course, none are free, and most tend to start for the most basic services around $20USD per month.

If you’ve never used it before, Zapier has a free account, and it will allow you to set up three Zaps on your free account.

As with everything, you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. But the more complicated, the more chance the wheels will fall off. The above points are fairly straightforward but will all take some initial time to set it up.

Since 2011, I’ve specifically been helping small business owners spend more time with their clients. I help them do this by taking the stuff they keep in their head and turning it into the systems and processes they need to drive their business. To find out more about how I can do the same for your business, let’s organise a chat.

Being an expert in business administration, systems and processes is the most important thing for my clients.