Things are not perfect, but that doesn’t stop me wanting everything to be perfect! A dear friend and long time client Dr Vesna Grubacevic wrote an Amazon best-selling book Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence – How to Transform Self-Sabotage into Lasting Confidence & Success.

For me, the biggest thing that stands out is ‘wanting everything to be perfect’ and using that as a reason to not do something. Is this you too?

I still delay doing stuff to some degree because I’m not perfect, I’ll never be perfect, and I’m okay with that. But I’m continually looking for ways to move out of my comfort zone to push myself.

2 Questions to ask yourself when things aren’t perfect

Having said all this, I still haven’t stopped trying to get things perfect, but when I know I’ve been delaying the action too long, I ask myself these two questions.

  1. Is what I’m doing time-critical?
  2. If I action what I’m doing now, will the sky fall if it isn’t perfect?

The answer to both questions (if I’m not working on something for a client) is always NO and NO.

What I want for you is to think about one thing you can do this week that is going to make you stand out. It’s okay to say look at me!

Finding the confidence to stand out from your competitors can be as simple as having faith in your ability and self worth. Know you can! – Jacqui James

Your next step!

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