Knowing how to get the help you need for your Virtual Assistant business, can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Everyone has an opinion, everyone knows everything, about everything. So, how do you weed your way through the chaff? Well, it just so happens that over the past 6+ years, I’ve found some incredible business support from the following people and businesses and I still rely on them today.

These are my go-to people for inspiration and I highly recommend you check them out and some offer great freebies.

  1. Rohan Dredge – Leadership
  2. Jeff Bullas – Internet Marketing
  3. Anita Brammer – Social Media Management
  4. Dr Vesna Grubacevic – Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence
  5. Sarah Cornforth – The Productivity Princess
  6. Darren Fleming – Presentation Skills
  7. Kim Garst – Facebook Advertising
  8. Michael Hyatt – Influence
  9. Jeff Walker – Product Launch
  10. Ashlee Wallace – Bookkeeping

Image credit Photo by on Unsplash