Struggling with your Virtual Assistant business is common but you can stop all that and turn it around.

If you want good old-fashioned virtual assistant coaching without all the bull, with real connection and support, then register your interest for the next intake of The Virtual Assistant Project.

The benefits of getting the help you need and it’s totally FREE!

You will receive unprecedented access and the secret sauce to not only the what but how I created JMJ – EA for a Day.

Changing your lifestyle has never been easier with The Virtual Assistant Project. Build a Virtual Assistant business that will help you leave a legacy.

  • You don’t need to waste time anymore trying to find that perfect fit for your business.
  • You love what you do and are keen to help others
  • You’re able to sign on the clients that you want to work with.
  • You can start to plan for the lifestyle you want and create the steps to achieve it.
  • The freedom to choose if you want to stay in one spot or travel while you work.
  • You can finally take the steps you need in the direction you want to head in.
  • You have the opportunity to make a difference to someone else.

Jacqui is an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve learnt so much from Jacqui and I find her method and manner of teaching inspirational and one of a kind. Not only does the course provide so much knowledge, insight, and much needed help with starting and building a VA business, Jacqui is there with you throughout. Jacqui helps to build your confidence, listens to your ideas, and offers additional input as well as sharing her own experiences that truly help you to work out your best steps forward.

Before I came across Jacqui James and TVAP, my confidence was low, I was struggling to put myself out there and I was a bit lost on what to do. With Jacqui’s unwavering support, I have implemented much needed processes and strategies and my business has strengthened. I now have so much more confidence in my abilities and my business, and I’m able to put myself out there. My business has really started to flourish and I’m loving being a virtual assistant.

Tuesday Semmens, That Girl Tuesday

“I would recommend Jacqui’s course to anyone; even her one on ones is the best! Throughout the course, you are given so much information and a lot you may not even think of. Thank you, Jacqui; you’re amazing!”

Emma Carr, EC Property Admin

The Virtual Assistant Project can help you build the lifestyle you need!

The VA Project is the perfect place to learn how to take your VA business from struggling to success. Join other VAs’ from around the world who are setting this year up to be the game changer for their business.

There are a whole host of reasons why you might be here, reading about tvap. You may be wanting to transition from a corporate career or looking for a better way to get work-life balance. Perhaps it is to be home with the kids more; you might want more flexibility in your day or you may be like me, have a servants heart. All of these reasons are perfectly valid reasons for wanting to start a business and work from home.

How The VA Project  can help you build a business that can change your lifestyle

tvap has been designed for quick and easy access and allows you to log in to your member area and work on your modules when it suits you for as long as it suits you.

I would recommend blocking time in your diary. Be selfish with it, you need to prioritise professional development. Discipline is a key to running a successful business.

Each of the modules has been written from experience.

There are 10 modules and each module contains exercises and quick reference checklists to reinforce and guide you through what you are learning.

You can revisit any module at any time in the program once it has been released.

How to change your lifestyle…

  • Build a solid foundation
  • Plan the plans
  • Strategies for growth
  • Know your target market
  • Create your pricing strategy
  • Brand your business
  • Build your website
  • Great onboarding process
  • Celebrate your clients
  • Professional development

Join other virtual assistants from around the world who are focussed on building a business that will change their lifestyle.

How to fail as a Virtual Assistant

  • Don’t plan just wing it
  • Seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Driven by dollars and cents
  • Looking for quick fixes
  • Don’t strategise
  • No staying power
  • Everything should be free
  • Herd mentality
  • Can’t say no

I began my VA business and struggled until I started mentoring with Jacqui from JMJ – EA for a Day. Since then, my client base has quadrupled, and my income has increased by 200%. Jacqui’s experience as both a high-level executive EA and a successful business owner has been instrumental in growing my business. Her system works!! I have the confidence, knowledge and ability to drive my business forward. Her eBook’s are full of great AH-HA moments, and it’s these gems that tell you it’s not impossible.

Anita Brammer

My knowledge has grown tremendously in all areas of life, including admin and office knowledge, my confidence as a young woman and creating a wealth of independence. Jacqui challenges me with new tasks and pushes me to venture out of my comfort zone. The support she provides me is beyond measure, and I have been able to utilise my basic knowledge in admin and grow with her help. I have the confidence to speak up and give advice to clients and will continue to do so as my knowledge and expertise grow. Something I never thought would be possible.

Laini Seddon

It’s easier than you think when you have the right tools and information!

Learn how to create a business that can change your lifestyle.

Learn which clients to accept and who not to.

Develop the skills and knowledge needed to take your VA business from so so to 10k plus a month.

The VA Project is not for you if…

Being a Virtual Assistant isn’t for everyone and that’s perfectly okay. My role is to help you if this is what you really want.

I won’t sugarcoat anything for you, it’s all or nothing.  You need to want to be a success and you won’t get that bidding for jobs!

  • You’re looking for a quick fix to your problem

  • Work is a dirty word
  • Chasing shiny objects is what you’re interested in
  • You only want to be a Virtual Assistant as a hobby

Why isn’t The VA Project a good match for me?

The Virtual Assistant Project is about helping you make a difference in your lifestyle. Building a business over time that gives you what you want. tvap is not about helping you get there quickly because it just won’t work. It’s a waste of your money and my time. We wouldn’t be a good fit.

I want to help you build a business you can be proud of, that allows you the freedom that comes with building a solid Virtual Assistant business. The only way to do this is over time.

The resources you will need to help you reach your goals!

Each of these modules has been written by me based on my 30+ years of administration experience over 64,000 hours worth plus 11 years of operating my business.

Each module provides a real in-depth step by step process to help you get focused, stay on track and reach your goals. They will make you accountable for your own decisions.

What I am giving away…

  • 10 modules and videos

  • Training manuals for each module

  • exercises, templates, checklists, support documents
  • lifetime access to the coaching materials

10 Modules that will take your Virtual Assistant business to the next level. Here’s what you get!

Set yourself up for the win!

Without a strong business foundation, there can be no long term business! There are 5 impactful stages to creating a Virtual Assistant business that will stand the test of time. In this module, we will work through each of the 5 stages to lay a great foundation.

How to set up your business!

Planning is not a dirty word and something that most of us tend not to do until we have to. But this is business, not a hobby so planning your business structure is crucial in your success. It’s a have to do not a nice to do. In this module, we will go through everything from registrations, permits, business basics, insurances and everything you need to make your business official.

Now your worth!

You may not have any experience as a Virtual Assistant, this might be your first time. It’s not just about bringing your Virtual Assistant services to the table it’s also about your life experiences. That coupled with your offering = your worth and this module will help you to work all that out.

Zero in on your target market

Jack of all trades are very popular people but they don’t make heaps of money because their offering is too scattered. Being able to zero in on a target market you want to work with will benefit you. We will go through how to work all that out in this module.

Price your service to get the clients you want!

Arguably one of the more exciting pieces to creating your Virtual Assistant business is working out your pricing structure. There are many factors that you need to consider. This module will take the stress out of working it all out.

Resources to drive your business

We are flooded today from all directions with what we think we need to run our business, the best, the most efficient *sigh*. But really, we need the tools that will help us to service our target market. It’s not just about what I use, love and recommend, it’s about what you will need to support and grow your business.

Showcase your business

It’s not all about selfies and photos of you on your posts, it’s about how and what you communicate to get your message to your target market. This in turn will help your message be more consistent and help your target market to hear your message. And, it all starts with you!

Website know how 101

There is more to a website than signing up for free service and building something that doesn’t portray your business. Ironically though, many do. This module will take you behind your website, and even if you build a free service site, you’ll have the know-how to do it right, so you attract your target market

The book of lists

Who doesn’t love a checklist? Business runs on them; a good business does because they are the system needed to ensure the essential stuff gets completed when it’s supposed to be done. This module contains many that you can start using in your business. You can even add to them / change them to suit your business. The bonus here is the leg work is already done for you.

Make an impact

This is the module that summarises every exercise in every module. Module 10 is the basis of your business strategy, marketing, advertising, social media, it encompasses everything I had to consider in building my business. It’s your one-stop shop to help you make the impact you want to make in the world of your target market.