tvap 1:1 coaching program for Virtual Assistants

Jacqui James is a practising Online Business Manager. Founder of JMJ – EA for a Day and The Virtual Assistant Project. Jacqui has been helping Virtual Assistants’ get their business on track since 2015 as a coach and mentor.

With over 35+ years of business administration experience and 11.5 of those running her successful businesses. Jacqui’s goal is to leave a legacy of empowerment and fulfilment that have a flow-on effect to your family and your community.

Who needs tvap 1:1 Virtual Assistant Coaching?

If you’re looking for a sounding board; someone who can help you navigate the sticky areas of your business. You could be starting up,  or a seasoned professional. You may even be looking to make the move from Corporate to setting up your own Virtual Assistant business.

It doesn’t matter what brought you here what matters is how you get from here to where you need to be.

I want to see you succeed and be the best that you can be to achieve your goal of owning and running a successful Virtual Assistant Business.

Below are three options to choose from that will fit your schedule. Select the timeline you would prefer and book your session.

30 Minute Zoom Call

I Hour Zoom Call

1.5 Hour Zoom Call

If you prefer online coaching; working through modules at your own pace or being coached as part of an online community then check out our online coaching program, The Virtual Assistant Project.