Colours, fonts, pictures and catch phrases all coincide to tell a product’s story and communicate your brand. It is these details which make your brand memorable.

When you are crafting your brand you are telling a story. Your brand is the emotional connection people make when they think of your product or service. You want all aspects of your business to point to your brand and you want your brand to tell a story. When your product fits the mold your client or customer is searching for your increase your chance of a sale. So how do you do that?

Unified Look

Ensure your product fits in with the overall themes of your brand. Keep it in line with your current marketing. This means paying attention to the details on the packaging such as using the same fonts, including your logos, and incorporating the same colour schemes that are used in your store and on your marketing materials. There should be no question that your products are related to your business. If you are the product, make sure all your documentation is consistent with your website, who and what you are.

Tell a Story

Have your product convey a story. How does the product make the potential buyer feel? Charitable, secure, attractive, powerful, and wise are all examples of characteristics that can be connected with your product. Do you need to include a short message on your packaging or website to connect your product to those emotions? Will a picture or colour scheme induce an emotional response? Think through these questions to plan how you can subtly weave your story into your product branding.


Find a way for your potential client to interact with your product. If you have actual product for purchase, give out a sample or encourage them to touch the product.A sense of ownership can develop when potential clients can interact with your product before they buy it. However, again if you are the product then you can’t just hand yourself over for poking and prodding, this is where your website and documentation come in, they must convey the story of you. It needs to make your potential client feel like they could just sit and talk to you for hours. It is about building a relationship between you, your product and client. This sense of ownership will encourage them to make a purchase.

Your team

Don’t forget your team; when they represent you and your business, they must be consistent with your business message, look and feel. Make sure you keep them up to date with any changes in your branding, your latest product or special offers, you need to al bel singing the same tune. We all know what happens when someone is out of key, we wince and look for the nearest exit. A style guide is a great way of getting this message to your team whether they work with you virtually or physically.  Don’t give your message a chance to develop static.

Create an emotional connection

Invite your clients into the story of your brand. Help your products tell your story and make your brand memorable by giving them a unified and attractive appearance. Whether it is how you display your products on the shelves or how you package your product, how you dress, your signature style; make sure you communicate the one thing that makes your brand unique.

Find that one thing you want everyone to associate with your business.

Your brand is so much more than just your product, just your location or just your marketing material, it is the personality of your business, the who you are, the this is me and it should convey the emotions you want clients to associate with your business.

How do your products fit into your overall brand? What story are your products telling?